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Capping MTS

Hey all,

I have almost a full 5 gallon bucket of MTS that I am pretty much ready to add to tank (Still need Dolomite but can get that local). I keep reading and think "Yep, that is a good cap" then read something else that changes my mind.

I was going to recycle my current gravel, but run it through a screen to get the largest stuff out, then read that "gravel is hard to plant in". Then I thought about that "Black Diamond Blasting Sand", then read "It will sink below the substrate, pack then create dead zones". Then I read (On I think) about mixing 50\50 sand\dirt for bottom 1-3" then 1" pure sand on top, said it makes planting easier and you can "Recharge with dirt cubes" and that sounded interesting. So many options for this.

Then I see all these products Eco-Complete\Seachem Florite\CaribSea Flora Max..ect... Would it be bad to cap my MTS with FloraMax?

What are other good options (I know everyone had their own best) for capping my MTS? And why??

This is for a 55g\Finnex24:7 light\EI Dosed\CompressedCO2 setup.

Plants now are LOTS of Rotala Indica, an Anubius (Not sure 3" leaves), several Coryb(sp?)'Temple Plants', patch of flame moss and about 10 baby ARs.
Adding soon: (order placed waiting on shipment)
Red Tiger Lotus, Aponogeton Ulvaceus, Madagascar Lace, and Anubias nana petite.

Fish Slightly overstocked, but lots of small stuff and 2 larger fish.

Also adding Eheim 2215 (tonight or tomorrow).

Thanks in advance for any input,

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