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PPS before lights-on and general photoperiod question

Hi everyone,

I just started using the PPS-Pro method of dosing last week.

I have my lights set to turn on at 1pm and turn off at 9:30pm so that I have plenty of time after I come home from work to sit and enjoy my tank. I used to have them on longer but noticed some algae problems so I cut back and have had no algae since.

My questions is, is it ok that I dose prior for leaving to work (around 7am) even though the lights and CO2 don't come on until 1pm? Or should I split up the photo-period for a few hours early in the morning and then a few hours right when I get home? I have not really tried splitting up the photoperiod before and I have heard a lot of people doing it but to me it seems... "unnatural." The doesn't go up and down, up and down throughout the day, hahaha.

Anyway, thoughts are appreciate, thanks.

Here are my tank details:
40G breeder
CO2 injection with inline diffuser (on a timer to come on with the lights)
High light (timer to start at 1pm)
Heavily planted
Mollys, plattys mostly with some otocats and SAE's and two blue dwarf gourami's.. oh, and some amano shrimp
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