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Dirt In Water and Filter Question

Okay as some of you know I'm having trouble with a lot of stuff lol! But this is probably the least of my worries. I was pulling up some jungle val. Actually 10 lbs worth of the stuff cause it's prolific and too hard to maintain. I wouldn't say hard... I'd say time consuming and I'd rather just not be bothered. This stuff would be great if I wasn't pulling up 10 new runners every couple days.

Anyways! So I was pulling them and cutting them and accidentally pulled up my water sprite. Well... I thought my swords had big root systems....... I pulled up a huge chunk of dirt and quickly plugged the hole I made. Needless to say I couldn't see into my tank. I had it at 50% cause it's water change day anyways. Either way. I think i'm going to let it all settle and vacuum it out when it does.

My question is, how long can I leave the filter off? It's a 90 gallon with like 20-30, actually I dunno how many shrimp. I filled the tank back up so it has plenty of O2 right now. I'm leaving my co2 off, and keeping the light on, so the plants should leave it with enough O2. I'm hoping it all settles within a couple hours.
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