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Calvus are full bore carnivores that dine on fry. The tend to be a shy species that as shell dwellers will hide in shells or caves constantly sitting in the shadows waiting for an unsuspecting meal to happen by. They don't really dig or anything like that. I have a Super VC-10 Placidochromis Milomo that digs constantly. As a matter of fact the aquascape in that tank changes almost daily because of how that fish moves sand. I have a hongi in another tank that is the same way.

Bump: I have the tank all planted and running. I am debating filtration systems. There is a thread for my questions on filtration here:

I ended up fixing the crater left by scraping out that whole section a layer at a time. One I had the sand and dirt dug out from the crater I scraped the top 1/4 inch or so of sand away. I cleaned the silted sand as best I could and redid everything. It isn't perfect and I still have some minor silting but it doesn't look to bad.

I have planted so far:
L. Repens
S. Repens
Vesuvius sword
Amazon sword
Anubias nano petite
Dwarf sag
Unknow hairy moss almost like green poly fill
Xmas moss
Java fern

As soon as I can I will get pics.

The plants are obviously transitioning to the new environment but the were just planted Tuesday night.
I like the way it looks so we will see how it goes.
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