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Rio125 - aquatic shrubbery

Hi, I'm new to the forum (been lurking a while) and returning to FW planted after an excursion to the salty-side of things.. Having too many hobbies the saltwater tanks have gone to allow me to focus on photography, but my trusted FW tank has been sat waiting on my returning to it and I just can't be without an aquarium in the office.

My much neglected 12 year-old Juwel Rio 125 is now in the process of being re-scaped, re-stocked and generally freshened up. The old substrate has gone (play sand), new bogwood has been added, two bags of eco-complete.. and a few retained plants (Cryptocorne and Vallis) have been retained until I plan the additions and source some good quality plants.

The tank as it is now.. it still needs at least half a bag more substrate to fill the rear planting pockets..

I eventually want to soften the hardscaping as much as possible to the mid- and rear-ground of the tank, but I want to keep clear gulleys and view lines in the foreground for photographing the fish and other inhabitants. Still with me after many years are two Corydoras auratus, Pangio myersi, P. oblonga, P. anguillaris (yes, I like my Pangio species), one Gymnocorymbus ternetzi (last of its shoal) and seven Hemigrammus rhodostomus (which I intend to reinforce).

In the past I've found that a low level canopy of Cryptocorne in the forground encourages the normally reclusive Pangio species to be active and observable throughout the day. Vallis has always grown like a weed for me in this tank.. I pulled out armfuls when clearing the tank for the re-scape.. so I think I need something a little slower growing (but just as tall)to disguise the filter box. I did think about switching it for an external, but decided not to.

As I mentioned, I'm creating sight-lines for photography.. already I can see that the crypts need to be moved to either side of this gulley I've formed.

Plans are to keep this fairly low tech.. the lighting is the standard Juwel twin 24" T8 unit, now faced with replacing the tubes I've been introduced to replacement T6 units but these aren't something I'm familiar with although my research suggests they will give me more useful light output than the T8s.. without the expense of going to T5s.

More updates to follow..
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