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Dirted 125, very milky water!

Tank is a 125g, fx5 filter, beamworks 72" 6500K LED, filter media is coarse sponge, 1 lb ceramic bio rings, 2 bio pads, 3 polishing pads.
I did 30 lb of natural clay on the bottom (kitty IS dusty..), then about 80 lbs of top soil, capped with 50 lbs black beuty blasting sand.
I will admit, I dindt rinse any of them.
In the past when I had my 55g, i just threy play sand in, had two HOBs, after a week of cleaning them the water was fine.

This one, were going onto two+ weeks now. I did a fishless cycle and put a used filter pad from my HOb into the fx5 to get the cycle going. I still have extrmeely milky water, cant see the back of the tank at all. Got my 5" pleco and 1 cory in there. Water params are ok, 0 amm, 0 nitrites, 2 ppm nitrates.

I have done approx 6 75% water changes, to no avail, water still milky!.

Is it just a huge bacterial bloom? Tried a flocculant, didnt help a thing.
Any ideas?
I have 1 small pieces of driftwood and a bunchf of small swords in there.

I am thinking my main problem is the fact i used un washed kitty litter clay. It is 100% natural, non clumping. I also use this in the shop to put over oil spills, and it is quite dusty.. Is what Im seeing just the dust? Why isnt the flocculant bonding it together and the polishing pads catching it?
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