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With my new set up I want to change the substrate. I have used my hot shot micro vac on the uncoated gravel and it sure does bring up a lot of crud. With me having Discus I thought I needed to reduce this over abundance of crud. I know I have to vac the top where the discus make a mess with their algae wafers. I have used uncoated gravel since I began this hobby a 4 years ago. I was always afraid to over feed and then have it build up to much. I was told that most plants feed from their leaves and I had made natural weights for the plants so they stay down. This time around I want to try Aqua design, not just planting. My new tank will 18" deep so it will give me room to move plants forward and back.
I will be doing dry Non-CO2 EI method for fertz.
This will go slowly. This month the new 67g tank with the few plants I have. As money comes available (I hope) I can then add the desired fish. Not just ones to keep the cycle going.
Do you know I can't find a lot of nice tank pics that use low light and no CO2. Most are of high light and CO2. Which does show more color but I don't want to go there.

75g, pair of gold rams , ABN, 1 adult 2 young discus, 2oto's, 6ADF's, 3 anglefish. 96w 6700k-light 6hrs raised, No C02, Excel, EI dry macro's and micro's, Eheim 2126, 18w UV, 2 Nano 270 powerhead. wall of bubbles for more O2 for such a deep tank.
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