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Originally Posted by Work In Progress
Well I can definitely tell ya, Buck's mystery vine is NOT hornwort.
The mystery vine is very very fine, it is also soft, not prickly at all like the hornwort.
Well, I must have the same stuff, whatever it is. I thought mine was hornwort for the past 10 months, but it is very soft and looks exactly like the stuff in Buck's pics. I collected it from a stream in maryland (however, lots of non-native species in our waterways down here). a friend of mine told me it was something called "foxtail" but i never really took him seriously. I'd love to find out what that grass/rush is, looks way cool!

I have a 45 gallon tank with a mud/peat/gravel substrate, no co2, shoplite 80 watts. Soil from backyard, left submerged in buckets for 2 months before mixing in peat and putting in tank. Did it as an experiment while researching everything for my 90. Green hygro, Jungle val, some other val, java fern, anacharis, couple crypts, "foxtail" and 2 other mystery species collected from local streams. (I've said before, I'm lazy).

Much red clay in my soil, was very red when first set up. Took 2 days to settle. You don't want to move stuff in this tank, uprooting causes fair bit of cloudiness, but plants grow well, especialy the vals.

Also, have never smelled sulfide or anything else when removing plants, so no indication of anerobic pockets.
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