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fish suggestions for strong current 20 H

looking to stock 20 H established planted tank with pressurized co2 currently populated w/ amano shrimp. have done some research but suprisingly few results -whitecloud minnows, neon dwarf rainbowfish, hillstream loaches. tank is heavily planted with lots of flow refuge. water parameters - 12 kh, ph 7.8, any suggestions appreciated.

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do you see tank picture? uploaded after text with edit button. picture icon does not appear next to title. can see pic on origin ipad but not on smartphone.
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Alot of fish do well in a tank with some flow, I have 2 530GPH powerheads and a 265GPH filter on my 55 and my fish have no issues with flow. Generally, more torpedo shaped fish do well in higher flow, angels and discus with large flat bodies get blown around in the water.
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Yeah we can see the picture, it's at the top above the text.
How much flow are we talking? It doesn't really look like a strong current in the pic. Keep in mind, the fish typically in strong current water in nature have their water highly oxygenated where as from your pic, the water surface is rather still and I assume your water might be more on the warm side.

By the way minnows like cooler water and that German Ram in your tank likes warmer water, but hey I keep some fish out of their preferred temp range as well (hillstreams and rams) and mine are in great health. But the dissolve oxygen causes some concern if fast current fish will do so well in that tank.

From the pic I wouldn't really consider it high flow like a river tank. I think you could better air/position the powerhead to better circulate the water through the entire tank like others have done and it wouldn't be considered so high flow and common fish would be fine in there.
Fish that are normally in gentle current waters actually like to play in high current waters often as a form of fun/entertainment/exercise, but they should have calmer water areas to rest in and not constantly be fighting against the current just to stay in place.

But if you do insist on high current species, do some research on fish from naturally fast flowing rivers, etc. (again keep in mind, fast current waters are usually cooler and highly oxygenated), but as you mentioned, minnows and hillstream loaches (a very large variety might I add) come to mind. I am not all too sure of higher water column fish though, maybe some hyperactive danios? (zebra danios). I can imagine the dwarf neon rainbows (Melanotaenia Praecox) doing well in there.

Torpedo shaped bodies doesn't necessarily mean they tolerate high currents a lot, it's just they are more streamlined/hydrodynamic to swim faster in water, though they could probably handle it for a while, I don't think they would do so well after they tire out from constantly fighting against the current. As for vertically flattened fish, doesn't necessarily mean they can't handle current as well, now angels and discus, yeah they aren't the most efficient swimmers (although I have seen some swim surprisingly fast), but fish like hatchetfish, coin/disc shapped tetras and sort of tall and "flatish" rainbowfish can swim fast. Horizontally flat/compressed fish like species of hillstream loaches can handle fast currents.
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It might be fun to try white cloud minnows. I have a school of them in a high current tank, and they're doing great! They are a very active, social fish, and they are very fun to watch exploring the tank and interacting with each other. Sure, white clouds are cheap and often sold as a "beginner's fish" but I wouldn't let that dissuade you if you think they might work in your tank. I love em!

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Is the GH also over about 10 degrees? That is somewhat harder water.
Still, I agree with the suggestions above:
WCMM, Danios, certain Rainbow Fish, but do your research: Most get too big for a 20, and some come from calmer water or more acidic water. Do not use Dwarf Neon Rainbows. They get too big, and the males are too aggressive toward the females.
Most of the fish found in hillstreams and similar ecotypes do indeed need higher oxygen, which is typically found in cooler water tanks with a water turnover of at least 20x. This is too high for most of the softer plants.
If your current water turnover is not much more than about 10x the tank volume per hour, then I would not suggest the hillstream fish. It is at the higher end of reasonable for many community fish. It would work well for fish that seem to like hovering in the current, swimming 'upstream'. I have seen Marbled Hatchets do this, and Glass Catfish. Marble Hatchets are fish for softer water, though.
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