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At one point during middle and high school, I had 7 aquariums ranging from 5 gallons to 75 gallons. I had to get rid of them when I went to college because students lived all four years on campus, and we weren't allowed to have aquariums. After four years of a break though, I've been slowly accumulating equipment, and I'm ready to get back into the hobby.
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I agree with what everyone is saying. But, for me I just can't imagine not having a tank. Even a small 3 gallon with fish or shrimp and the some plants is not hard to care for. I think time can always be made for such a small tank like that especially when you can customize the tank how you want. Want high tech? Go for it. Want a tank with barley any work involved? Low tech moss!
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When I first got into the hobby, I had a cyanobacteria bloom just weeks after setting up the tank. It got so bad it killed a couple of my fish, I almost gave up then after trying to rid it for several months i think it was like 6 months or so of trying. nothing i did was working until I dropped the pH in my tank, I found out that my water supply at the time got their water from the lake behind my now house. and it had a bad case of cyano. it wasn't until I went with a black water tank and a pH of less than 6.5 that the bacteria started to die off. It was a nightmare and I almost wanted to quite. Now I love the hobby and sometimes i still make mistakes. But I love learning and i love to always make things better. And i tend to forget things I learn as well. but if i was to quit this hobby now, it be really for a break of a year or so to maybe explore other avenues of the hobby. (such as visiting different area's and learning about the wild species in their natural habitat). But i would never leave the hobby. I am to addicted to this hobby to give it up.

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Crashing your reef tank and killing 3 years and several thousand dollars worth of acropora is a good motivator to quit. I'm hard headed though

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When moving out of our first house, we were transporting the fish in 5 gallon buckets. My husband tripped and dropped one of the 5 gallon buckets on the concrete, spilling fish everywhere. We ended up euthanizing all of those fish. We didn't think they would survive the stress of moving and being dropped onto concrete. Lost a beautiful jade goby and banded leporinus, along with lots of nice cichlids. Really wanted to give up the hobby that day. Kind of wanted to give up the husband too!
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I was planning to consolidate (not quit) for ease of maintenance. Even with a python the WC's come around all too often. That's when the LFS called to say my 12 dwarf pencil fish arrived (that I ordered 3 months ago). So now I have a nano tank instead of one less tank. Yeah, I didn't have to buy them, but I did.

I am very thankful that I found planted tanks as an adult, otherwise, I'd be unhappy with the lack of everything.
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Im backing down my hobby, I now have a better job and have a possibly to travel more with hubby. I don't have kids but Im shifting my focus to reptiles. I am going to take 2-3 tanks down in the next month or so. Reptiles can survive without their heating for a bit, fish cant if the filter dies or burns out. Also dont have a lot of water to accidentally spill or tank leak. I am going to go down to reptiles, inverts and some choice guppies.
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I quit cause my tank broke. This was probably 2010 or 2011, I got a new TV, my tank shared the same cabinet/ entertainment table piece. I was taking my old TV off, and the power cord got caught between the wall and cabinet... and next thing I remember, I had 29 gallons of water and broken glass across my bedroom floor. No fish survived. I gave the plants to my brother, and pretty much quit. I saved my 60lbs of EcoComplete and spent days just picking out glass and carpet dust and debris.
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Lately I've kinda dialed back on aquariums, with just one very low maintenance tank running. The reason for this is partly that i'm at college where I am not allowed to have a tank, so the tank I have at home must be really simple for my parents to take care of. I also worked at a pet store taking care of the fish room for almost two years and got somewhat burned out on taking care of fish tanks. Once I leave college I plan on having a more complex setup, but until then it's one really simple tank.

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Problems (for new and old hobbiests), which can eat up time and money. This could be something as simple as having to not take care of the tank for a week or two and it declines for whatever reason. Some people move. Your fish could all die out from a sudden illness, and you despair starting over. I could see lots of things causing the end for a particular person.

On the other side of the coin exists the problem of MTS and how to cope with that disease.
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Originally Posted by Freemananana View Post
Going in too deep, like most hobbies. Getting over your head and not realizing how much you've spent.
Yeah now that you mention it...Ive spent thousands on plants and fish alone since the start of the year, not to mention upgrading lights, a new pressurized system and now im looking into new filtration. Yeah, photography would be a nice expensive one time investment, but id prefer to keep handing out money to try to create a little peice of paradise in my home. Then maybe once i get settled down with the hobby (probably will never), i will buy the nice camera and use it on my tanks. lol
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Originally Posted by ottomotto View Post
I think people who quit were never into it too much.. I have read reasons that it takes too much time. Really? Quite often people like that don't have a skill to plan their time. They should get a tank with proper maintenance time/ size ratio.
I think it could be considered rude to make these assumptions about people.

I quit for a year-ish after I moved into my house. I didn't have the desire to upkeep the tanks after my move, so rehomed the cichlids I had. Eventually I purchased a used system from someone who was getting out of it because their discus died after relying on family to take care of them while he was on vacation.

People have reasons, some good, some bad. Interest in hobbies wax and wane. There's nothing wrong with that.

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I almost did after the last of the 5 black skirt tetras I first had starting out died of old age. That black skirt tetra had lived through so much mistakes and it was painful for me watching him slowly fade away
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This is a good read. I'd like to add my 2 cents. I gave up keeping fish for about 30 years. I'm 52 and was really young when I started...probably about 10 years old, introduced to the hobby by my older brother. We started with a metal framed tank and also made our own glass/silicon tanks. Money was tight but we had fun. Eventually he left the house and took over the fish room. I was in my early teens and moved a 50 gallon tank we made from a homemade stand to a table I thought was strong enough. It was but the table bottom was not perfectly level.....Took about a month for the bottom glass to crack.....my Mom was furious, cleaning the water that was spewing from the tank while I was frantically saving my fish. LOL

Reason I quit the hobby....my Mom forbade me and forced me to get rid of the fish room...that and I soon found out about girls. Ha ha....come to think of it, it was mostly the girl part not my Mom.
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