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February 25, 2004 Thank you everyone for taking part!

18:28:37 <mm12463> Woo first one here! I'm early!
18:29:57 <EvilKen> hello
18:35:11 <mm12463> hi
18:35:22 <mm12463> just waitin around
18:47:12 <Urkevitz> Hi
18:48:15 <cich> BOO!
18:48:44 <Urkevitz> you scared me
18:48:54 <cich> I'm sure, lol
18:49:00 <cich> hi, how's it going
18:49:11 <Urkevitz> pretty good
18:49:23 <cich> good
18:49:37 <Urkevitz> my rosy barb is going on a rampage pulling moss of the driftwood
18:49:50 <cich> haha
18:50:17 <cich> i don't even wanna know what my animals are doing
18:50:34 <Urkevitz> moss is floating everywhere
18:50:48 <cich> not good
18:51:57 <Urkevitz> are you at home or at work
18:52:02 <Urkevitz> ??
18:52:02 <cich> just got home
18:52:43 <Urkevitz> I've been home most of the day
18:52:44 <cich> was catching up on the forum and remembered the chat
18:52:46 <cich> just barely though
18:52:54 <cich> me too, but I was out for a few hours
18:53:52 <cich> found a cheap timer though!
18:53:55 <cich> :P
18:54:26 <Urkevitz> I use the ones from Lowes
18:54:42 <cich> a shame some of my lights aren't auto-start. I'm using a desk lamp for some light heh
18:54:57 <cich> ah
18:55:16 <Urkevitz> I used a desk lamp for my 10 gallon when I was a kid
18:55:33 <cich> hey, it works.
18:56:00 <Urkevitz> I ordered and aqualight and I should be getting it next week
18:56:02 <cich> i miss my 10. It was so easy to get the WPG up to 3-4 without too many tubes
18:56:11 <cich> oh cool
18:56:19 <Urkevitz> I can
18:56:30 <Urkevitz> I can't wait to get rid of these shoplights
18:56:36 <cich> i only have 70W on my 3gal
18:56:58 <mm12463> 70 on a 3 g?
18:56:59 <Urkevitz> 70 on a 3
18:56:59 <cich> and 40 of those watts have a bad reflector... the tubes are too close.
18:57:05 <cich> 33gal sorry
18:57:36 <Urkevitz> I was gonna say that would be over 20wpg
18:58:10 <Urkevitz> thats not bad I was growing some plants with just 80w on my 55
19:00:46 <Momotaro> Ohhh! You started early!!
19:00:50 <EvilKen> hi
19:00:57 <Urkevitz> We started last night
19:01:03 <Momotaro> Ha Ha!
19:01:37 * EvilKen woah
19:01:43 <Urkevitz> Any special guests tonight?
19:01:44 <Momotaro> I am playing with the control panel
19:01:49 * EvilKen MOTIONS/kiss.gif
19:01:53 <EvilKen> oops
19:01:54 <EvilKen> sorry
19:02:21 <mm12463> sure special special!
19:02:25 <mm12463> mom always said that
19:02:33 <Urkevitz> Not little bus special
19:02:37 <mm12463> haha
19:02:53 <mm12463> Hay come on its not that little
19:03:07 <Momotaro> I think fender is going to join us tonight
19:03:17 <Urkevitz> cool
19:03:32 <bklock> From the look of the forum... It could get crowded!
19:04:00 <Urkevitz> I'm drinking my girlfriends winecoolers, I'm gonna be in trouble
19:04:15 <Momotaro> Wine Cooler??
19:04:25 <Momotaro> Bartles and James???
19:04:28 <Urkevitz> Seagrams
19:04:57 <Momotaro> BK, I am glad you are still awake
19:05:25 * Momotaro MOTIONS/playful.gif I thought you would be asleep by now!
19:05:39 <bklock> I'll be drinking my 40ppm ofNO3 tap water. I think thats more potent than the Seagrams!
19:05:50 <Urkevitz> probably
19:06:11 <Momotaro> I am hoping to see Vinlo tonight
19:06:13 <Urkevitz> I might crack open my yeast reactor
19:06:17 <Urkevitz> and take a sip
19:06:19 <bklock> I'll probably make it a bit later tonight. I didn't have such anearly morning today.
19:06:37 <Momotaro> I have some questions on the Red Sea NO3 kit
19:06:59 <bklock> ?What do you want to know?
19:07:09 <Momotaro> I can't seem to get a reading on it
19:07:17 <Momotaro> It is a new kit too
19:07:30 <Momotaro> The AP kit is working better!
19:07:53 <Momotaro> Are you lurking Briguy???
19:07:58 <bklock> MMM... My AP kit was a zero. My Red Sea came pretty close to my lab results.
19:08:02 <briguy> haha yeah
19:08:06 <briguy> first time here
19:08:13 <Momotaro> join in!
19:08:22 <briguy> I would talk about my plants....
19:08:24 <cich> ooops I was away... back now
19:08:25 <Momotaro> know anything about the test kit?
19:08:26 <briguy> but I can't see them!!!!
19:08:29 <briguy> GREEN WATER!
19:08:35 <mm12463> make a test bucket of tap water, test that. then dose the bucket so you know what the NO3 reading should be and then test it with the Red Sea kit
19:08:37 <cich> Hey momo!
19:08:48 <Momotaro> Hey Cich
19:09:00 <Momotaro> I'll have to do that tomorrow MM
19:09:01 <cich> how's life
19:09:07 <Momotaro> good!
19:09:11 <Momotaro> Busy at work
19:09:16 <mm12463> then your testing the test kit. I did that when I thought my Red Sea was bad and it wasnt
19:09:31 <Momotaro> Will do MM
19:09:40 <mm12463> and shake the snot of bottle A
19:09:43 <mm12463> lol
19:09:46 <Urkevitz> I have been having problems with bacterial blooms after I move plants
19:09:52 <Momotaro> Done that LOL
19:10:06 <Momotaro> Really urk?
19:10:12 <Urkevitz> Yeah
19:10:12 <bklock> I did the bucket test to test my my first kit (AP) and that's how I found out about our awful tap water
19:10:34 <Momotaro> Think your stirring something out of the substrate?
19:10:39 <Urkevitz> Probably
19:10:39 <Fender963> hey guys
19:10:42 <Fender963> how is everyone?
19:10:42 <cich> Hi Fender
19:10:42 <Momotaro> Kyle!!!
19:10:46 <cich> I'm good
19:10:50 <Fender963> good
19:10:53 <Urkevitz> I think I need to do a huge water change after I move plants
19:11:02 <Momotaro> you shouldn't
19:11:27 <Momotaro> How arethings in TX Kyle??
19:11:40 <Fender963> Things are going good
19:11:46 <Momotaro> weather?
19:11:50 <Fender963> cold, too cold for texas anyway
19:11:55 <Fender963> btu I'm surviving
19:12:04 <Fender963> hey wellbiz
19:12:04 <cich> Hey wellbiz
19:12:05 <mm12463> move to minnesota..feel the cold!
19:12:09 <Momotaro> Wellbiz!!
19:12:12 <bklock> Cold... It was 26 here this morning!
19:12:13 <wellbiz> Hello all
19:12:17 <Urkevitz> I am so sick of the cold
19:12:24 <Urkevitz> It was 11 here
19:12:29 <EvilKen> 11???
19:12:32 <EvilKen> where do you guys live?
19:12:40 <Urkevitz> NYS
19:12:43 <bklock> Pennsylvania
19:12:49 <mm12463> it was nice here in MN..maybe 25-35. Almost BBQ and swim weather
19:12:57 <EvilKen> lol
19:12:57 <Fender963> haha
19:13:02 <Momotaro> Ohh MM!
19:13:03 <Fender963> 25 C?
19:13:06 <Urkevitz> Its to the point where 30 feels warm
19:13:11 <Momotaro> Tony D stayed up till 10
19:13:12 <wellbiz> Welcome Tonyd
19:13:19 <TonyD> Hello all.
19:13:22 <EvilKen> wow, guess i dont know what Cold actually is
19:13:23 <mm12463> nah F
19:13:24 <Fender963> yeah it was probably 65 here today
19:13:27 <TonyD> ya, I made it lol.
19:13:30 <Momotaro> 65????
19:13:34 <Momotaro> Cold???
19:13:38 <mm12463> damn thats warm
19:13:42 <Urkevitz> 65 if perfect
19:13:46 <TonyD> I'm dreaming of 65....
19:13:49 <bklock> 65... Time go swimming!
19:13:51 <Urkevitz> nice fishing weather
19:13:53 <mm12463> should have been here when its -35!
19:13:59 <Momotaro> 65 melts the snow in the parking lot
19:14:10 <Fender963> hey it snowed here 2 weeks ago
19:14:14 <Fender963> a good 1 1/2 inches!
19:14:14 <Fender963>
19:14:23 <Urkevitz> wow
19:14:35 <Momotaro> brought some Killis home from a meeting when it was -2
19:14:48 <Momotaro> I thought they would freeze in that bag!!
19:15:17 <Urkevitz> Maybe it would of just preserved them
19:15:23 <wellbiz> So Momotaro, do we have a topic... Not that I dont like the weather
19:15:28 <Fender963> haha
19:15:46 <Momotaro> Sure, lets do some trouble shooting!
19:15:58 <TonyD> oops, computer error
19:16:05 <Momotaro> Uk says he has a bacterial bloom after he moves plants
19:16:12 <wellbiz> Sounds good to me.... Who has a problem
19:16:15 <Urkevitz> Yeah
19:16:25 <Vinlo> hey kids!
19:16:32 <Fender963> hey vinlo
19:16:33 <wellbiz> Hey vin
19:16:41 <Urkevitz> the water turns white and gets worse each day
19:16:46 <Momotaro> he needs to do a big water change after he moves his plants
19:16:56 <wellbiz> What kind off substrate
19:17:00 <Urkevitz> sand
19:17:05 <bklock> Just sand?
19:17:09 <Urkevitz> yeah
19:17:13 <bklock> What kind?
19:17:16 <Momotaro> Could the sand harbor that much bacteria?
19:17:19 <wellbiz> Preswashed? and what kind
19:17:19 <Urkevitz> granitic
19:17:39 <Urkevitz> I washed it
19:17:44 <wellbiz> Do you add anything to the sand?
19:17:47 <Momotaro> hello ming!
19:17:50 <Urkevitz> It is non calcareous
19:17:53 <ming> hello
19:17:56 <Urkevitz> no
19:17:58 <wellbiz> Hi ming
19:18:07 <ming> hi
19:18:10 <Momotaro> nothing added to the sand
19:18:14 <Urkevitz> no
19:18:23 <wellbiz> How long has the tank been set up... SO no root tabs or sticks
19:18:31 <Momotaro> is the sand fairly lean?
19:18:38 <Momotaro> I mean clean!
19:18:42 <Urkevitz> The tanks been set up for 2 months
19:18:44 <Urkevitz> lean?
19:18:55 * Momotaro MOTIONS/happy.gif CLEAN!!!
19:19:07 <Urkevitz> Alot of organic matter from the fish
19:19:16 <wellbiz> Ok, is there alot of organic matter on the sand or mixed in with the sand
19:19:30 <wellbiz> Dead leaves, fish food
19:19:45 <Urkevitz> just leaves and fish poop
19:20:04 <Urkevitz> I don't feed too much
19:20:14 <bklock> At two months I would think that you would be rather early in the ""cycle"".
19:20:16 <wellbiz> Not to the point of beeing excessive?
19:20:42 <Urkevitz> I give them a pinch every day or two
19:21:02 <Momotaro> How is the circulation?
19:21:06 <wellbiz> My only guess is that stiring up the substrate stirs up the organic material. I had a similar issue in my tank too
19:21:32 <Momotaro> How did you remedy this wellbiz?
19:21:35 <wellbiz> It would cloud up for a few days and then clear...
19:21:43 <Urkevitz> I would say 100 gals an hour
19:21:56 <Momotaro> Did you just let it run it's course?
19:22:00 <wellbiz> Removed as much excessive material from the substrate, added second filter
19:22:03 <Urkevitz> No
19:22:27 <Momotaro> Second filter helped?
19:22:54 <wellbiz> Alot, but remember my tank is 120 gallons
19:23:04 <Momotaro> Do you think running a diatomic might help Urk?
19:23:11 <Urkevitz> mine is only 55 gals
19:23:14 <wellbiz> So two xp3's keep it crystal clear.
19:23:27 <Urkevitz> I think a diatomic would be great
19:23:38 <wellbiz> What kind of filter do you have Urk
19:23:38 <Urkevitz> I'm tempted to get one
19:23:47 <Urkevitz> Whisper power filter
19:23:53 <Momotaro> I have a diatomagic I run after big work
19:24:01 <rossi32s> hrmmm
19:24:01 <Momotaro> its a wisper
19:24:02 <wellbiz> what size
19:24:08 * rossi32s is here
19:24:11 <Momotaro> What size?
19:24:12 <Urkevitz> it can run 300 gph
19:24:22 <EvilKen> can i but in and ask a quick question here??
19:24:27 <Urkevitz> I lost the top so I don't know the size
19:24:29 <rossi32s> sure
19:24:29 <Momotaro> Hello Rossi
19:24:34 <rossi32s> sup momo
19:24:34 <wellbiz> yes\
19:24:36 <EvilKen> I just scored a MTS with one of the plants i brought home
19:24:40 <Momotaro> nada
19:24:45 <wellbiz> kool
19:24:47 <EvilKen> and was wondering if they will reproduce with only one of em?
19:24:47 <TonyD> just one?
19:24:53 <TonyD> I think so.
19:24:59 <wellbiz> probably....
19:25:03 <Momotaro> They are live bearers
19:25:15 <Momotaro> could be packin' some babies
19:25:18 * rossi32s doesnt think thats considered a ""score""
19:25:20 <EvilKen> ok koo
19:25:23 <wellbiz> and can self inpregnate if I remember
19:25:32 <Momotaro> What kind of diatomic are you talking about Urk
19:25:34 <EvilKen> well, its better than scoring a pond snail =)
19:25:36 <TonyD> I think so. Soon you will have a tank of clones...
19:25:46 <Urkevitz> I would get a cheap magnum
19:25:57 <Momotaro> Do the micron filter thing?
19:26:04 <Urkevitz> I scored a ramshorn
19:26:16 <EvilKen> =)
19:26:20 <rossi32s> lol
19:26:26 <wellbiz> I have a lone ramshorn too
19:26:34 <Urkevitz> Do you think I would be better off getting a canister
19:26:40 <rossi32s> I scored some substrate on a java fern once
19:26:44 * Momotaro Momo doesn't consider any snail a ""score""!
19:26:54 <cich> lol
19:27:01 <EvilKen> sigh
19:27:09 <Urkevitz> I scored an anubias in my hygro
19:27:11 <Momotaro> Canisters are great Urk!
19:27:14 <rossi32s> i have a canister ...
19:27:19 <wellbiz> URK, suggest maybe a better filter and keeping the substrate free of debri.
19:27:21 <rossi32s> I would never go back to a HOB
19:27:23 <cich> I miss my canister :'(
19:27:27 * Momotaro apologizes to Ken!!!!
19:27:37 <mm12463> wish there was a canister for a 10 gallon that was not too powerful
19:27:38 <rossi32s> no smell....
19:27:45 <rossi32s> there are
19:27:46 <EvilKen> heh, all good man
19:27:47 <bklock> I got a XP3, and love it... Sent the HOB to RIP!
19:27:51 <EvilKen> =)
19:27:52 <mm12463> what kind Rossi?
19:27:53 <Urkevitz> When I get my tax return I might score a canister
19:27:58 <Momotaro> I use thae Aquaball on my 10G
19:28:04 <Fender963> Yeah I could really use a cannister too
19:28:05 * wellbiz MOTIONS/smiley.gif XP3 rules
19:28:07 <rossi32s> momo... who make thise self contained units that go inside?
19:28:09 <Fender963> my HOB ain't cutting it anymore
19:28:10 <Momotaro> What kind of canister?
19:28:15 <cich> mm: my fluval msf was FINE on a 10g
19:28:25 <cich> maybe a bit fast, not sure
19:28:25 <mm12463> Doesn't the Eheim Aquaball take up a lot of room?
19:28:27 <Momotaro> Which one rossi?
19:28:34 <Urkevitz> Can you control flowrate with all canisters?
19:28:34 <rossi32s> fluval
19:28:36 <Momotaro> Kind of MM
19:28:38 <mm12463> msf?
19:28:44 <rossi32s> they look like co2 reactors
19:28:55 <cich> mm: the new fluvals... MultiStage Filtration
19:29:00 <Momotaro> Canister that looks like a CO2 reactor?
19:29:03 <wellbiz> Urk, at least the XP's do
19:29:05 <cich> the gray non-see-through ones
19:29:07 <rossi32s> 1 sec
19:29:13 <mm12463> hmm...i have a 204 on my 20 time to hit the web!
19:29:24 <TonyD> Eheims also have flow control
19:29:28 <bklock> Has anyone seen the new knockoffs that I saw a thread about?
19:29:30 <Momotaro> EHEIM TIME
19:29:31 <cich> yeah the 104 or whatever might work
19:29:34 <Momotaro> Marcel!
19:29:38 <wellbiz> welcome mlemay
19:29:43 <bklock> I think they are an Eheim clone?
19:29:43 <Momotaro> Just as i was pimping an Eheim!!
19:29:43 <cich> I need to fix mine..
19:29:48 <Urkevitz> Why are the cannisters so huge?
19:29:48 <Momotaro> What timing!!!
19:30:01 <mlemay> yohhh
19:30:02 <Momotaro> That Jeaboa thing???
19:30:02 <Fender963> Hey Marcel
19:30:13 <bklock> Yeah that's the one.
19:30:28 <cich> Mine got airlocked and the impeller ran dry for several hours....
19:30:30 <Momotaro> Get a Rena or an Eheim...forget the clones
19:30:39 <mlemay> Here we go with the Eheims again!
19:30:41 <wellbiz> i agree
19:30:48 * Momotaro MOTIONS/smiley.gif
19:30:50 <Urkevitz> So what is the best canister for a 55 gallon?
19:30:51 <mm12463> no idea why there are huge..some have the same silly motor but have a big can
19:31:04 <bklock> Love my Rena...
19:31:06 <TonyD> Eheim 2028 would be nice.
19:31:07 <Momotaro> Xp3 or an eheim 2026
19:31:09 * cich cich drools every time he hears eheim....
19:31:17 <TonyD> Or the 2128/6 if you can afford it.
19:31:22 <mm12463> ehiem is like the forc bs chevy thing
19:31:33 <mlemay> Get the filstar
19:31:34 <mm12463> er ford bs chevy thing
19:31:38 <rossi32s>
19:31:41 <mm12463> er vs
19:31:47 <rossi32s>
19:31:52 <Urkevitz> Is it hard to run Co2 into them?
19:31:57 <Momotaro> I think if that Hydor inline heater was available earlier, I would have skipped the 2126
19:31:57 * wellbiz MOTIONS/sillysmile.gif
19:32:02 <cich> for $44..... that's not too shabby..
19:32:09 <bklock> I run my CO2 reactor on the output side of my XP3
19:32:16 <mlemay> ditto
19:32:19 <TonyD> Really? don't like the 2126 heater?
19:32:24 <wellbiz> same here
19:32:43 <Urkevitz> If my HOB starts working in this tank I will keep it forever
19:32:44 <mm12463> doh click the link it trys to open in this window
19:32:53 <mm12463> paste that again Rossi would yah
19:33:07 <rossi32s>
19:33:18 <rossi32s>
19:33:25 <Momotaro> I Like the 2126 fine
19:33:38 * cich will be back in a little while! *kiss*
19:33:47 <wellbiz> see ya
19:33:48 <Momotaro> But the cost is more than the 2026 and a Hydor inline heater i believe
19:34:14 <bklock> What is the advantage of using an inline heater?
19:34:18 <Urkevitz> What about the tetra tec filters?
19:34:31 <mlemay> you wont see it in the tank
19:34:32 <Momotaro> Less equipment in the aquarium
19:34:33 <TonyD> Gets things out of your tank, more even heating.
19:34:37 <wellbiz> one less thing in the tank
19:34:50 <mm12463> I have a question..If you have like AH supply 2x13 on a 10 gallon do you really need to dose macros and micros?
19:34:52 <Momotaro> more even heating is whhat i have been hearing too
19:35:02 <rossi32s> mm yes
19:35:12 <wellbiz> yes
19:35:31 <rossi32s> your not gonna get hard fertz form a light
19:35:38 <mlemay> and probably co2 also
19:35:44 <Urkevitz> is there an all in one fert with macros and micros?
19:35:44 <wellbiz> There is no hard fast rule, you have to monitor the water parameters and plant health
19:36:02 <wellbiz> I dont suggest it
19:36:06 <mm12463> okay. I dose my 10 gallon that has CO2 but was just curious
19:36:15 <wellbiz> All tanks are different and use different amounts of ferts
19:36:18 <mlemay> The best way is to dose macros and micros seperately
19:36:40 <mlemay> dose npk seperately and a micro mix
19:36:54 <Urkevitz> Is there an all in one NPK mix?
19:37:11 <Urkevitz> like miracle grow
19:37:17 <mlemay> you don't want an npk mix
19:37:18 <wellbiz> Dont suggest that either
19:37:27 <Momotaro> Are you using Plantex Marcel?
19:37:35 <Momotaro> For micros?
19:37:56 <mm12463> Not me but I am thinking about trying to goto dry ferts
19:38:01 <wellbiz> I use plantex and flourish... A little of each
19:38:05 <mlemay> I'm actually using flourish flourish iron and plantex mixed together
19:38:07 <Momotaro> hello bert
19:38:14 <Bert> Howdy
19:38:17 <Momotaro> What is the mix Marcel?
19:38:17 <wellbiz> Hey bert
19:38:31 <bklock> I am using plantex with a bit of boron added
19:38:39 <Momotaro> The ratio, I should say
19:38:46 <wellbiz> mmmmmmmmmmmm boron...
19:38:49 <Urkevitz> The only thing I have used is flourish and flourish 0-0-3 with iron
19:39:01 <wellbiz> That is fine
19:39:10 <Urkevitz> I mean florapride 0-0-3
19:39:11 <mlemay> 250 ml flourish, 250 flourish iron and one table spoon plantex mixed togather in a bottle
19:39:16 <wellbiz> Flourish works good for a micro
19:39:32 <Momotaro> I might try that Marcel!
19:39:37 <Urkevitz> whats in Plantex?
19:39:50 <mlemay> its been working out really good
19:39:55 <wellbiz> Its a mirco like flourish
19:40:29 <Momotaro> What is your dosage in the 75G?
19:40:38 <mlemay> I dose about 2 ml/day in the 75
19:40:43 <wellbiz> You can get it dry and mix it your self .... Cheaper that way
19:40:46 <Urkevitz> That sounds cool
19:40:51 <mlemay> but I play with it alot
19:40:58 <Momotaro> I am awful with ferts
19:40:58 <Urkevitz> so 1.5 for a 55?
19:41:15 <mlemay> your mileage may vary
19:41:19 <wellbiz> Depends on lights, co2 etc
19:41:22 <Urkevitz> ha ha
19:41:24 <Momotaro> I am lucky anything grows!
19:41:38 <bklock> As long as we are on ferts can I throw out a question?
19:41:38 <Momotaro> NO3 is always low!
19:41:44 <wellbiz> Momo, I have seen your pics... You are the man
19:41:45 <Momotaro> PO4 always low!
19:41:55 <Urkevitz> I think I will try that mix
19:41:57 * Momotaro MOTIONS/sillysmile.gif A Lucky Man!!!
19:42:05 <Momotaro> Really.
19:42:13 <mlemay> that riccias gotta be a sponge
19:42:16 <Momotaro> I basically leave things alone!
19:42:24 <Momotaro> Super sponge!
19:42:28 <mm12463> fire away bklock
19:42:36 <Momotaro> I dose at waterchange
19:42:36 <Urkevitz> I have alot of fast growers
19:42:47 <bklock> As some have heard, my tapwater has about 40 ppm of NO3
19:42:51 <mm12463> do a search for plantex csm and you get some good links
19:42:59 <TonyD> wow
19:43:04 <mm12463> 40?
19:43:07 <mm12463> wow
19:43:07 <mlemay> I dose macros at water change and micros daily with the liquidoser
19:43:13 <Urkevitz> you dose with dropper?
19:43:17 <bklock> Where should I dose my other ferts so that plants can absorb up the NO3
19:43:24 <Momotaro> I dose micros at waterchange
19:43:33 <Momotaro> That is Saturday
19:43:47 <Momotaro> I check and redose Sunday night
19:44:01 <mm12463> Not sure bk..I would think you need to do something to absorb that NO3 before adding it to the tank
19:44:07 <Momotaro> I dose micros on tues and Thurs
19:44:10 <mm12463> but i have not clue
19:44:21 <Momotaro> and Macros again on WED
19:44:39 <Momotaro> like I said....I am LUCKY!!!
19:44:50 <mlemay> I got the liquidoser cause I won't dose regularly otherwise
19:45:05 <Momotaro> How does it work Marcel?
19:45:24 <Momotaro> How does it attach to the aquarium?
19:45:34 <Urkevitz> I just dosed my tank
19:45:39 <mlemay> It's got a reservoir that holds about 2 ozs of solution
19:45:41 <Momotaro> mee too!!
19:45:54 <Urkevitz> I couldn't help myself
19:45:58 <mm12463> Would airetion(god I can't spell) help getting bk's NO3 down from 40 before adding it to the tank?
19:46:05 <Momotaro> And it attaches how?
19:46:12 <TonyD> Don't think so.
19:46:12 <mlemay> it spins and drops abou .8ml per revolution.
19:46:23 <wellbiz> kool
19:46:25 <mlemay> i dose twice per day
19:46:35 <TonyD> bk I have heard of people running a tank with NO3 that high...
19:46:44 <bklock> I don't think aerating will rid the NO3...
19:46:48 <Momotaro> Just Micros with the Liquidoser?
19:47:02 <mlemay> just micros ...that it
19:47:02 <TonyD> Tom Barr was just talking about it on the aquatic plant mailing list, not sure what he ran his other levels at though...
19:47:21 <bklock> I am not having any significant problems.
19:47:21 <wellbiz> ok
19:47:27 <mlemay> I dose macros at water change once a week
19:47:36 <Momotaro> I see
19:47:56 <TonyD> Well, thats good then right?
19:47:57 <Urkevitz> How important is dosing macros?
19:47:59 <Momotaro> In a clear loud voice Marcel...who makes the Liquidoser??
19:48:07 * Momotaro MOTIONS/smirk.gif
19:48:11 <mlemay> they usually dwindle down to zero by midweek
19:48:18 <mm12463> eheim i think makes it
19:48:27 <Momotaro> The Macros marcel
19:48:28 <bklock> No significant problems is a good thing!
19:48:40 <mlemay> emm eheim...whats your point?
19:48:45 <Momotaro> I wanted marcel to say it mm!!
19:48:50 <mm12463> lol sorry
19:48:52 <Momotaro> LOL
19:49:00 <mlemay> hahahha
19:49:03 <Momotaro> I am a pimp, what can I say!
19:49:08 <bklock> It looks like we had some visitor that weren't looking for planted tank talk!
19:49:22 <Urkevitz> Yeah
19:49:28 <Urkevitz> not the plants we grow
19:49:31 <mlemay> must have slipped on the knot
19:49:49 <Momotaro> How big is the liquidoser marcel?
19:49:53 <Momotaro> LOL!!!
19:50:25 <mlemay> about 2.5x 2.5 x 4 in long
19:50:38 <mm12463> who had the aquaball on there 10 gallon?
19:50:51 <Momotaro> Do you think it would ork with a glass top?
19:51:02 <Momotaro> I have the Aquaball
19:51:16 <Urkevitz> does it ork well?
19:51:28 * cich is back
19:51:31 <Momotaro> From what I can tell it does.
19:51:43 <mlemay> A glass top is perfect because it needs something to sit on
19:51:44 <Momotaro> Cich had to say goodnight to mousey!
19:51:50 <cich> hehehehe
19:51:56 <cich> she's still up actually
19:52:08 <cich> watching the idiot box :P
19:52:11 <Momotaro> Tell her to join in the chat
19:52:12 <mm12463> Do you like the aquaball Momotaro?
19:52:22 <Momotaro> it is OK. Nothing great
19:52:32 <cich> i'll ask her soon
19:52:33 <Urkevitz> It looks cool
19:52:34 <wellbiz> looks kool, but seems like it takes up alot of space
19:52:39 <Momotaro> it works for me!
19:52:46 <cich> I got my canister filter working again!!!
19:52:57 <Momotaro> Could the liquidoser sit on a piece of wood Marcel?
19:52:59 * wellbiz MOTIONS/smile.gif
19:53:18 <cich> hi sedghammer
19:53:18 <wellbiz> welcom
19:53:20 <Momotaro> The aquaball does take up a lot of space in a 10G
19:53:21 <Sedghammer> wow, hey
19:53:29 <mm12463> good water movement or too much? Does it do good mechanical filtration? $15 is a good price too from Big Als
19:53:37 * cich MOTIONS/cool.gif
19:53:41 <Momotaro> But I use the model rated for a 15G in the 10
19:53:58 * wellbiz MOTIONS/whip.gif
19:53:59 * mlemay MOTIONS/cool.gif it just needs a flat surface that sits directly above the water
19:54:05 <mm12463> I really dislike my HOB on my 10 gallon. I want less surface distrubance.
19:54:07 <Fender963> you guys sure are chatting up a storm
19:54:13 <Fender963> this is gonna be one long transcript to post
19:54:18 <cich> lol
19:54:20 <mm12463> Edit it
19:54:21 * Fender963 MOTIONS/inquisitive.gif
19:54:29 * wellbiz MOTIONS/star.gif
19:54:35 <Momotaro> Is that Cich gettin' whipped???
19:54:47 * mm12463 MOTIONS/playful.gif
19:54:49 <wellbiz> Editing is not fun
19:54:49 <Urkevitz> Why are such large filters needed on planted tanks?
19:54:49 <Fender963> i guess I'm gonna have to do that
19:54:52 * cich MOTIONS/laugh.gif
19:55:00 <Sedghammer> just got 7 tube mouthed pencilfish
19:55:11 <Momotaro> Wow sedge!
19:55:13 <mm12463> Whipping in a plant talk..who would think
19:55:14 <Urkevitz> are they agressive?
19:55:15 <wellbiz> Urk, you need the circulation
19:55:16 <Momotaro> Neat
19:55:24 <cich> Anyone here use a fluval MSF as a co2 reactor?
19:55:26 <Sedghammer> they are amazing
19:55:36 <cich> I'm scared it'll get airlocked
19:55:41 <Momotaro> I hope you will post pics on the board
19:55:43 <mm12463> No me cich but I did redo my out output
19:55:43 <Urkevitz> circulation is that important?
19:55:56 <mlemay> post a pic in the fish section when you get a chance
19:55:58 <Sedghammer> so many similarities to saltwater fish
19:55:58 <Momotaro> Circulation is very important
19:56:10 <cich> maybe I'll just put a reactor on the output.
19:56:22 <Momotaro> That would be the best way to go Cich
19:56:32 <Sedghammer> thier inquisitiveness
19:56:34 <Momotaro> Most efficient
19:56:45 <Momotaro> Pics sedge ...PICS!!!
19:56:48 <Sedghammer> haha
19:56:54 <Urkevitz> So if a powerhead is used to circulate then the filter can be smaller
19:56:54 <mm12463> I took the outpot thing off and but a T connector and water moves both ways from the middle of my tank on the Fluval now
19:56:56 <cich> right now I have a 201 quickfilter (hagen) running it
19:57:01 <Sedghammer> well, sadly i have no digital camera
19:57:04 <cich> my 33gal journal has a pic
19:57:20 <Sedghammer> BUT...I have a scanner. that would work right?
19:57:29 <Momotaro> YEP!
19:57:33 <mm12463> Sounds right Urk..smaller cannister filter and you have a powerhead that helps ciculate would work.
19:57:37 <mlemay> yeah slap a fish on the scanner
19:57:41 * cich MOTIONS/thumbup.gif yep
19:57:42 <mm12463> lol
19:57:42 <Sedghammer> ok, i'll do it sometime this week
19:57:43 <bklock> Sure... Just hold the scanner up to the glass!
19:57:52 <cich> haha
19:58:05 <cich> maybe take a film pic first hehe
19:58:14 <Momotaro> The neat thing about the aquaball powerhead is that there is an available spraybar for it Urk
19:58:16 <Sedghammer> i think i'll use that metho
19:58:17 <Sedghammer> d
19:58:33 <wellbiz> That aquaball sure is neet
19:58:35 <Momotaro> Helps soften the flow
19:58:41 <Urkevitz> I saw the pictures the spraybar looks sweet
19:58:43 <mm12463> woo a sp[ray bar
19:58:47 <mm12463> dang
19:59:09 <bklock> So how much 'circulation is adequate?
19:59:31 <Momotaro> I would use a 2206 as a powerhead
19:59:32 <wellbiz> Good question...
19:59:35 <Sedghammer> Momotaro, how's your 75 doing?
19:59:51 <Momotaro> Well. Thank you!
20:00:12 <wellbiz> bklock, I like to see water circulation around most of the tank...IMO
20:00:33 <Momotaro> I could use more circulation!
20:00:33 <mlemay> good answer biz
20:00:44 <Urkevitz> But the plants won't pearl as much
20:01:02 <bklock> Maybe I'll have to change the position of my spray bar...
20:01:04 <cich> I've forgetten what pearling IS, it's been so long
20:01:04 <wellbiz> I disagree... They will get more CO2 and pearl more
20:01:12 <mlemay> I got 2 xp3s on my 75 now, its awesome
20:01:24 <TonyD> Gotta go, later all.
20:01:27 <mm12463> later
20:01:27 <cich> my tank hasn't pearled in years
20:01:29 <cich> ok cya
20:01:29 <wellbiz> Later
20:01:29 <Urkevitz> see yah
20:01:30 <mlemay> i haven't cleaned the filters in 3 months
20:01:30 <bklock> I have 1 XP3 on my 75
20:01:35 <Sedghammer> bye!
20:01:38 <wellbiz> Later
20:01:41 <mm12463> why not cich?
20:01:45 <mm12463> low co2?
20:01:50 <Momotaro> I am thinking of changing the 2215 to a 2026
20:01:59 <cich> not enough light, OR plants
20:02:07 <mlemay> I used to have one and found it needed to be cleaned once a month
20:02:22 <Momotaro> More circulation
20:02:32 <mlemay> i like the circ with 2
20:02:41 <wellbiz> I cleam mine every couple of weeks..
20:02:44 <bklock> With two filters where do you have inputs and outputs located?
20:02:45 <wellbiz> Clean
20:02:53 <Urkevitz> Does anyone know how many watts an average powerhead uses>?
20:03:06 <Momotaro> I clean mine every four or five months
20:03:08 <mlemay> they're together in one corner of the tank
20:03:12 <cich> like... up to 15watts?
20:03:15 <cich> not much
20:03:16 <wellbiz> Outputs on opposite ends of tank
20:03:31 <Urkevitz> I might hook mine up if it still works
20:03:34 <cich> my aquaclear mini HOB uses 6 I think
20:03:38 <wellbiz> Hard to explain, look at my journal and you can see my set u-p
20:03:45 <mlemay> outputs 5 ins below surface, inputs down low
20:04:11 <Urkevitz> I'm going to bed
20:04:15 <Momotaro> I have a few circulation ""dead spots""
20:04:15 <cich> ok night
20:04:18 <Urkevitz> see yah later
20:04:22 <wellbiz> late
20:04:26 <cich> hey gomer
20:04:28 <wellbiz> Hey go9mer
20:04:28 <Gomer> Hello poeples
20:04:32 <Sedghammer> hey
20:04:36 <Gomer> So..did I miss everything
20:04:40 <cich> *shrug*
20:04:46 <wellbiz> Nope, just getting warmed u[p
20:04:47 <bklock> With heavy circulation, do your plants 'bend'?
20:04:51 <mm12463> yup..we had a whipping Gomer
20:04:51 <mlemay> almost toime for me to hit the sack too
20:04:56 <wellbiz> Nope
20:05:04 <Gomer> damn...oh well
20:05:04 <bklock> I have a red melon that was near my output and it started growing sideways
20:05:07 <mlemay> only slept 4 hrs last nite
20:05:13 <cich> ouch
20:05:21 <wellbiz> wow
20:05:24 <Momotaro> one of those nights Marcel?
20:05:35 <Gomer> I slept well last night. 8hours I think. But it followed two 12.5hour days *L*
20:05:36 <Sedghammer> i had one of those this week too
20:05:45 <Sedghammer> just one hour though...ha
20:05:49 <mlemay> Iwent to NY to see the UCONN ST JOHNS game
20:05:54 <wellbiz> Gomer I like it the other way around
20:06:01 <Momotaro> FUN!!
20:06:04 <Gomer> hehe...I get
20:06:07 <Gomer> bet
20:06:23 <mlemay> then got a a call at 2 AM. couldn't fall back to sleep til 4 am
20:06:38 <wellbiz> Do I dare ask who calls at 2am
20:06:44 <Momotaro> When I visit GFs family in Woodbury I will bring you some Cherry Red shrimp Marcel
20:06:48 <Gomer> Anyone have any magic advice with staghorn besides keeping things balances (10:1 NO3,PO4) and cranking the CO2?
20:06:50 <Sedghammer> anyone have Aquarium Plants by Christel Kasselmann?
20:06:55 <Momotaro> Call for what marcel?
20:07:05 <Gomer> better not be a sales call *L*
20:07:07 * cich MOTIONS/inquisitive.gif
20:07:12 <mlemay> My F%%ckin job, I'm on call
20:07:17 <Gomer> yuck
20:07:19 <wellbiz> ouch
20:07:20 <Gomer> what type of work?
20:07:22 <Momotaro> What do you do?
20:07:34 <Momotaro> I was on Call last night
20:07:37 <wellbiz> nuerosurgen???
20:07:52 <mlemay> Insurance restoration... fires floods
20:07:53 <bklock> I ordered ""Aquarium Plants"" and have been waiting over a week. They said it was back-ordered and wouldn't be in until the end of the mont.
20:08:09 <wellbiz> Supposed to be a great book...
20:08:12 <Sedghammer> oh yeah, your the one i recommended it to right?
20:08:17 <Momotaro> Better than when I go out on a Call!!
20:08:38 <Sedghammer> just got it today for a present
20:08:46 <wellbiz> Sounds like a kool job mlemay
20:08:47 <mlemay> I'm a project manager so I can make calls from work
20:09:01 <bklock> I am hoping mine comes gift wrapped, just for having to wait this long!
20:09:11 <Sedghammer> it's...thourough
20:09:12 <mlemay> I feel bad for the poor bastards that have to go out at 2AM
20:09:21 <cich> indeed
20:09:32 <wellbiz> Thats when I get home
20:09:33 <cich> my job at 6am is bad enough
20:09:39 <bklock> I don't miss being ""On Call""!
20:09:51 <Momotaro> What does everyone do?
20:09:54 <mlemay> IT SUCKS
20:09:57 <Gomer> I used to work in a 24/7 lab. Luckily, I had the 6:30am shift and not the 3am shift
20:10:02 <ming> I'm a college student
20:10:07 <Gomer> Grad Student
20:10:09 <cich> me = horse care
20:10:13 <ming> Undergrad here
20:10:15 <Momotaro> I remember those days ming!
20:10:17 <wellbiz> Momo, I am a technical agent for one of the big 3
20:10:19 <ming>
20:10:22 <mm12463> Momotaro where did you get your aquball? On line?
20:10:24 <Momotaro> Horse care!
20:10:30 <bklock> I own an entertainment company (mostly DJ & Video for weddings and other events)
20:10:32 * cich MOTIONS/cool.gif
20:10:36 <Bert> High school student here
20:10:38 <mlemay> Good night guys
20:10:41 <Sedghammer> same here
20:10:41 <Gomer> night
20:10:42 <mm12463> night
20:10:44 <wellbiz> Later
20:10:45 <Momotaro> Night Marcel
20:10:46 <mm12463> I'm a junk mailer
20:10:48 <cich> I'm going back to university soon tho
20:10:53 <Sedghammer> applying at Petland tomorrow
20:10:53 <Momotaro> Junk mailer??
20:11:01 <cich> petland!!!! :P
20:11:03 * Momotaro MOTIONS/smiley.gif I hate You!!
20:11:10 * wellbiz MOTIONS/mad.gif
20:11:13 <Gomer> *L*
20:11:16 <mm12463> you know all the mail you get in your mailbox? like credit card offers and what not..thats me
20:11:25 <Sedghammer> i'll let you know how it goes
20:11:32 <Momotaro> YOU STINK DUDE!!!
20:11:34 <wellbiz> sounds kool
20:11:46 <mm12463> basically a marketing company
20:11:51 <Momotaro> Aquaball at Big As and That Fish Place
20:12:02 <wellbiz> Do you write,copy, mail house etc.
20:12:09 <bklock> We don't have a Petland, but a sign just went up a few weeks ago saying one is coming.
20:12:12 <mm12463> u have the spray bar?
20:12:25 <Momotaro> Yes, I have a spray bar
20:12:26 <ming> I didn't like my local petland discounts
20:12:31 <bklock> ""That Fish Place""... I am dying to go visit!
20:12:31 <mm12463> I do the client relations..basically putting up with clients
20:12:45 <wellbiz> Ok
20:12:46 <Sedghammer> where are at bklock?
20:12:46 <ming> they tend to have unknowledgable workers
20:12:49 <cich> anyone seen petcetera? hehehe
20:12:52 <mm12463> we have other people that do the design, implimentation
20:12:55 <Momotaro> I told you to go last time we chatted didn't I
20:12:57 <bklock> Near Allentown, PA
20:13:10 <ming> I've heard a lot of good things about ""That Fish Place""
20:13:15 <ming> I would want to visit there someday
20:13:17 <Momotaro> Anyone else with a neat job???
20:13:28 <mm12463> I used to work for Hugh
20:13:31 <bklock> Momotar, I've had the hectic schedule... Haven't had a day off yet!
20:13:31 <Momotaro> Where are you at ming?
20:13:32 <mm12463> Hefner
20:13:35 <cich> I used to deliver pizza!!!
20:13:36 <ming> NYC
20:13:41 <wellbiz> mm, sounds neet... I am kind of an entreprnuer
20:13:45 <Gomer> I play with Lasers
20:13:47 <cich> with a 350 GMC HAHAHAHA
20:13:48 <ming> currently at University at Buffalo though
20:13:48 <mm12463> its fun well
20:13:49 <Momotaro> 3hr ride from NYC
20:13:58 <bklock> What kind of lasers?
20:14:02 <Momotaro> I know all about long work weeks bk!
20:14:15 <mm12463> at times its trying, sometimes clients don't understand things they want are humanly impossible in the time frame they want.
20:14:18 <wellbiz> cich, your profits went to the gasoline compaanys
20:14:41 <cich> wellbiz: I made about 60 a night, and spent 40 in gas!
20:14:45 <wellbiz> I feel your pain mm12463
20:14:47 <Gomer> 20hz 1064 Nd:YAG and a Tunable IR OPO/OPA. Soon we will finihs building a Tunable Visible/UV OPO/OPA
20:14:47 <cich> that's WHY i don't do it anymore
20:15:02 <mm12463> dealing with the US Postal Service is a want to be confused about mailing it can get messy.
20:15:12 <wellbiz> cich you need an old honda to deliver pizza
20:15:16 <bklock> Way over my head... particular application for those?
20:15:17 <cich> yep
20:15:30 <wellbiz> sorry
20:15:30 <cich> that's why I don't drive for my money any more
20:16:09 * cich will be back in a bit...
20:16:09 <Momotaro> Gomer, I have to tell you, you have some great plants man!!
20:16:20 <wellbiz> I agree
20:16:27 <Gomer> several things, but two main projects. Looking at surface reactions via something called cavity ringdown. The other is dealing with the chemistry of soot aerosols
20:16:31 <Gomer> thanks
20:16:41 <wellbiz> heck everyone has better plants than me
20:16:47 <Gomer> though I am dealing with some staghorn in the new tank
20:16:57 <Gomer> the BL Stellata is finially taking off!
20:16:59 <bklock> wllbiz... you probably have me beat
20:17:11 <Momotaro> I will be looking trade/sell some M. mattagrossense V. green real soon!
20:17:13 <Gomer> and my emersed petite nana tank is now starting to settle in
20:17:42 <ming> I'm pretty sure most, if not all of you have much better looking plants then mine
20:17:42 <Momotaro> I an't get my E. stellata to redden up!
20:17:45 <wellbiz> Momo what does it grow like
20:17:58 <Momotaro> It grows very well!
20:18:00 <mm12463> god no wellbiz..look at my 20 gallon...covered in brown algae!
20:18:08 <ming> My tank is slow growing, but its hanging in there w/o CO2
20:18:18 <Momotaro> It is a fast grower, but I would not call it a weed, per se
20:18:24 <wellbiz> ming, keep up the good work
20:18:28 <Gomer> Mine are still small. The tops are ~15"" from the lights. 2x36 over a 30g cube. I am getting them to go pink now
20:18:31 <wellbiz> Momo, ok
20:18:48 <Gomer> Mattagrossense is a pretty plant! ..but I have no room in the plans for it
20:19:02 <Momotaro> What is the NO3 level Gomer?
20:19:16 <wellbiz> once i added the pressurized co2 all my plants really took off. my rotala really reddened up
20:19:20 <Momotaro> M. matagrossense is a beautiful plant
20:19:37 <Momotaro> looks its best when in a large mass imo
20:19:46 <wellbiz> Momotaro, might take you up on that when you are ready
20:19:54 <Gomer> 5-10. I try to maintain 10. Phosphate is ~1-2. I test 3x per week and dose KNO3 and KH2PO3 as I need t. Also dose Plantex dailyo (
20:20:07 <Momotaro> anything to trade?
20:20:10 <wellbiz> keep me posted, I would gladdly pay
20:20:20 <Gomer> I realy need to get the CO2 up higher. I think that is letting the staghorn keep hold
20:20:31 <wellbiz> Nothing kool....
20:20:37 <bklock> I amy into the buying, instead of trading.
20:20:48 <Momotaro> what do you have, let me be the judge of that!!
20:20:55 <ming> The only thing I want currently is something with more color then just green
20:21:05 <ming> Only thing with color at the moment is sunset hydro with a deep pink
20:21:09 <bklock> I can't imagine that anybody would want cuttings of my ""pond plant collection""
20:21:13 <Momotaro> try A. reineckii Ming
20:21:24 <wellbiz> well, rotala, tiger lotus, dwarf chain sword, A reineckii
20:21:29 <ming> whats the non-scientific name momo?
20:21:39 <Momotaro> red Temple
20:22:00 <Momotaro> I'll let you guys know when it is ready!
20:22:03 <bklock> I really would like to get some read. LFS has none!
20:22:05 <mm12463> I want my tank to grow nice so then I give away my clippings to people on the boards. Especially the young kids that might not a lot of cash to dole out
20:22:07 <wellbiz> Also some hornwort and green,purple camboba(sp)
20:22:10 <bklock> red not read!
20:22:20 <Sedghammer> like me!
20:22:36 <ming> pictures of the red temple looks good
20:22:39 <Gomer> I used to give away free clippings, but I need to fund a new CO2 system!
20:22:50 <wellbiz> hehehe
20:22:50 <Sedghammer> and if you have spare light fixtures hanging around.....
20:22:50 <Momotaro> It is a wonderful thought MM. It is also noce to make a few bucks to support thr ""habit""!
20:22:51 <ming> I'll have to ask my LFS to see if they can get them in stock
20:23:11 <mm12463> Yah it is
20:23:12 <Momotaro> Good luck Ming
20:23:18 <bklock> My LFS said they don't get anything red until spring?
20:23:19 <mm12463> I like getting stuff on aquabid from the hobbiest
20:23:25 <wellbiz> Momotaro, any of that strick your fancy
20:23:31 <ming> Thanks
20:23:36 <mm12463> like I got some narrow leaf java from Jay Luto on aquabid
20:23:44 <mm12463> should be here friday
20:23:49 <Momotaro> Purple Cambomba sounds neat
20:23:59 <Gomer> that narrow leaf looked nice!
20:24:02 <Sedghammer> pretty tough though right?
20:24:04 <wellbiz> It is, grows like a weed...
20:24:19 <mm12463> hope it is gomer..I just want some taller javas
20:24:21 <Sedghammer> cambomba that is
20:24:30 <bklock> Saw a picture of the purple cabomba...That's what I want!
20:24:39 <wellbiz> Nice darker green and the leaves are purple underneath..
20:24:54 <Momotaro> Where is the pic wellbiz?
20:24:56 <Gomer> interesting
20:25:22 <mm12463> Yah I would like to see it too
20:25:29 <wellbiz> You should be able to see it on the latest pics on my journal... Left side of tank around drift wood
20:25:42 <Momotaro> Checking it out now...BRB
20:26:24 <wellbiz> I will try to post some better pics of the tank this week... oh yea I also have hygro polyserma V sunset
20:26:30 <bklock> Gotta go. Doing this again next week?
20:26:39 <wellbiz> hope so
20:26:45 <Momotaro> For sure!
20:26:49 <mm12463> we need an agenda or something
20:27:09 <Momotaro> I tried that! We kinda wandered off!
20:27:09 <wellbiz> agreed
20:27:15 <wellbiz> hehehe
20:27:22 <mm12463> or maybe a few topics to start with
20:27:29 <Momotaro> Remember Urk bacterial bloom??
20:27:33 <mm12463> yah
20:27:38 <bklock> Just out of curiosity, do most of the people here have broadband internet?
20:27:38 <wellbiz> Yea so we go in a genereal direction
20:27:48 <Momotaro> broadband
20:27:53 <mm12463> i have cable
20:27:53 <ming> I have broadband
20:27:53 <wellbiz> cable
20:27:59 <Sedghammer> i do
20:28:00 <mm12463> never do 56k again..rather move to Iraq
20:28:03 <Sedghammer> cable
20:28:14 <Momotaro> We will try to keep an agenda!
20:28:14 <cich> *#%%$ HAGEN!!!!!!!!!
20:28:21 <wellbiz> even iraq probably has dsl
20:28:22 <Momotaro> I guess it is my fault
20:28:27 <Sedghammer> good topic
20:28:33 <Momotaro> I let the topics wander!!
20:28:35 <bklock> I would love to host a streaming audio kinda thing where people could call in.
20:28:36 <wellbiz> yep
20:28:46 <mm12463> Hagen---man the CS lady i was emailing was a total moron
20:28:53 <mm12463> use
20:28:53 <Momotaro> Cich, I am dissapointed the GF did not join the chat
20:29:06 <mm12463> free audio chat
20:29:10 <mm12463> works very nice
20:29:12 <Gomer> broadband here
20:29:13 <Gomer> as well
20:29:17 <cich> she'd just annoy you
20:29:18 <Gomer> late on that reply though *L*
20:29:31 <Momotaro> Sounds like my GF
20:29:37 <Momotaro> Could be sisters!!
20:29:45 <wellbiz> sounds like my wife
20:29:47 <mm12463> or my mom!
20:30:00 <mm12463> lol
20:30:08 <mm12463> doh..better not post this in the journal!
20:30:18 <Momotaro> hey gomer, can i interset you in some of the M. matagrossense
20:30:20 <cich> probably
20:30:20 <mm12463> this is all logged
20:30:28 <wellbiz> just dont tell her I said that....
20:30:28 <Momotaro> LOL LOL LOL!!!!
20:30:31 <mm12463> we are all in trouble now
20:30:31 <bklock> I saw the a few weeks ago. It works well.
20:30:47 <Momotaro> Sometimes I consider marriage
20:30:49 <wellbiz> Actually she loves my tank...
20:31:01 <wellbiz> and then
20:31:03 <Momotaro> and some times I consider murder!! LOL!!!
20:31:03 <mm12463> yah teamspeak is great audio over the net..can have dozens of people on it too
20:31:11 <mm12463> doh!
20:31:13 <Sedghammer> Do you like the smurfs cich?
20:31:13 <Gomer> I would want some of that MM , but I just have no room in either tank right now
20:31:16 <bklock> Goodnight everyone!
20:31:18 <Momotaro> Just joking!!
20:31:27 <wellbiz> bye
20:31:29 <mm12463> night bk
20:31:33 <Gomer> I am trying really really hard to not keep collecting plants *L*
20:31:34 <Gomer> gn!
20:31:35 <Sedghammer> night
20:31:38 <mm12463> hey well where are your pictures?
20:31:42 <mm12463> i cant find them
20:31:42 <cich> seggehammer: not too much into them
20:31:45 <Momotaro> I hear that Gomer
20:31:59 <wellbiz> Its addictive
20:32:04 <Momotaro> Let me know when you have some room
20:32:14 <Gomer> As is, I am going to be re-doing the 29 after AB/ADA and cut down on some species
20:32:22 <Momotaro> I collect and propagate for my aquarium club
20:32:29 <Sedghammer> oh man
20:32:32 <Sedghammer> too good
20:32:37 <Momotaro> i am working on my growers award
20:32:56 <wellbiz> I never entered a contest... Not good enough yet
20:33:17 <mm12463> lol sledge
20:33:24 <Sedghammer> HAHA!!!!
20:33:26 <Momotaro> GAP is not a contest
20:33:28 <mm12463> omg sledge
20:33:35 <mm12463> thats not exactly ph


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