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It had to happen: yeast in tank

Ok so there was a party at my place saturday and someone managed to knock down one of the diy co2 bottles down. Of course I noticed nothing before yesterday because the lights were off in the tanks.... Fortunately the mixture in that bottle was almost worn out, it was time to change it this week.

Now it's completely impossible to see through the water. I did a 50% wc yesterday with high hopes and it did seem to make the water clearer but this morning it's even worse.... I need help

BTW there was no collateral damage to this as of now, I am currently doing another wc, with a -ing bucket so it will take a while. I guess I have to remove as much of the goo as possible right ?

Is there anything else I can do like turning off the lights of something ?

Thanks in advance for any helpful reply

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Remove the gunk and get a cleanup crew of snails and shrimp. Let me know if you want any snails - I have a small army of 'em. I've also heard amanos will eat the yeasty gunk.

Water changes and more water changes. Hang in there - it'll get cleaned up eventually.

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That sucks, I had it happen a couple times and a bunch of my fish died.

Even after doing multiple water changes the balance of the tank was messed up for awhile and the water was very cloudy.
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2nd water change: Done

I can almost see the backgroung (sucks to be me right now).
Shrimp? They actually eat that? Well I guess it can't hurt.
And the snails, any kind will do?

I mean, I'm willing to get the extra help since i'll redistribute them in the other tanks afterwards but I wanna make sure I get competent workers you know.

I'll head to the lfs as soon as I've decided what to get.
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Looks like you got through the worst of it. When I read the story I was more worried about the alcohol's effects on the fish, than the yeast.

My only advice is have filter going at max and conduct water changes
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I hoped it was the worst part too....
It turns out that it's even worst than yesterday this morning and I've had casualties as well(2 rummynoses). So another 50% change is currently being done and I've put the carbon back just in case it can help. It's beyond opaque.

It's growing on plants ! I can't just remove it from every single plant, first because it's extremely slimy and also because there's like hundreds of leaves in there. I'm totally on panic mode now.

I did get the shrimps tho, they're working like crazy but it's still not enough even with the help of the regular cleaning crew. Man, I'm trying to find a way to filter that crap on the fly but since I don't have a diatom filter lying around.... I'm screwed.
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The only thing I can think of to try is a flocculent, like aquaclear- maybe it will get the yeast clouding the water to stick together so you can remove it by adding some old fashioned poly floss to your filter? Change the floss often to remove whatever gets caught in it??

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Sorry to hear about the losses

If you have a test kit, you should try testing the water, to see what water parameters it has thrown off. Pay extra attention to ammonia test.

From there you could begin to treat for the specific water parameters.

The yeast itself probably isn't killing your fish, but the damage its done to your water is.

Hope this helps
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Apparently the parameters are still ok except for a small change in ph which could also be because I disconnected the co2 bottles.... I've done so many water changes in the past few days, I can't believe that the cycle is no broken yet. Maybe the tests are bad, maybe I'm becoming crazy, but I can't understand how what's living in the filter can still be there.

Anyway, I did try the floculent, and it seemed to work because of the clouds of yeast that formed. Thing is that it also went down on the plants and now I'm growing white stuff everywhere.

Do you think it will kill the plants? They are very slimy, all of them. I'm thinking of getting everything out but I can't even see the fish so there is no way I'll be able to catch them. Oh, and all this while I'm studying for an exam. Marvelous.
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Hey antimoine, feel sorry for your accident.

I'm throwing a house party Christmas time... with college students... so I'll be careful of the yeast bottle as well.

I've never had this happen to me, so I don't know what can help personally.
I know flocculents only make the suspended floating yeast clump together and gather on the bottom of the tank, so you'll have to mechanically remove it yourself. Floss might not be super effective as the yeast will grow anywhere, kind of like trying to remove algae with floss. Maybe take your fish out to prevent anymore casualties until the water is cleared up? This might also let you clean the tank more aggressively w/o stressing the rummynose. As long as there's any source of food for the yeast in the tank, it will probably keep growing. I keep rummynoses too and they're like super-sensitive to stress, so it might be a good idea. Oh wait... you can't see them. Maybe a massive water change, then while you can see some, take them out? As for the plants, don't know either. Maybe take them out as well. For the yeast growing on the plants, maybe dip it in a solution of some kind that will kill it, don't know what kind of solution though.
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Today is another day of chaos in the planted tank.
Allow me to express this in pictures:

And keep in mind that this is taken while I'm doing the fifth 50%+ water change. Will it ever end? I am thinking of taking everything out as was earlier suggested but it's going to take me forever to do that, it is fully planted(behind all that mud there are, yes, plants). Oh and it was way, waaaaay worst on the first day. I'm still hoping that someone on the board knows a magic trick to make it dissapear, if you do please tell me.

How long can I keep the plants out of water? How long can I keep the plants in small rubbermaid containers with new water? And how long can I keep all the fish in a 10 gallons bucket(there is like 20 of them)? The answers to theses questions may decide if I'm going to do this the hard way.

Oh and on a final note, I must tell you all that the co2 bottles will be placed in concrete blocks from now on....

Edit: I've added a 2nd filter after the wc and I hope it will help, I'm filtering a 30g with enough filtration for a 70+
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