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Starting a betta fish 10 gallon planted tank, need tank mate advice

Hey! I have a nice betta in a bare 10 gallon, and am think about putting him in a planted tank to make him happier.

I have a 20 long right now thats currently stocked with 6 adult celestial pearl danios/galaxy rasboras and about 25 of their fry, as well as several different kinds of plants, many red cherry shrimp, a bunch of different colour ram snails and a massive amount of malaysian trumpet snails. I'm considering adding some oto cats.

I can't put my betta there cause the fry and cherry shrimp would turn into a snack, and im worried about him tearing up my more delicate plants.

So I'm considering placing him into another ten gallon, and here are my stock ideas, let me know if you have any suggestions, additions, or changes. My plan is to keep it simple and possibly low light.

Here we go

Jave fern
Java moss
Amazon sword

Betta fish (obv)
Corydoras Hasbaros x 5 (they stay under 1.5 inches)
6-8 neon tetra OR 6-8 glaxay rasboras
2-3 oto cats
1-2 amano shrimp
Malaysian trumpet snails

Please not this will have heavy filtration. Although it is a lot of fish, they are all small, and take different parts of the tank. Corys stick to the bottom, the betta and rasboras/tetras will stick to the top. The amano will probably stay on the plants.

I'm not very experienced with planted tanks, so forgive any newbie-ness, I have monster fish/cichlids and those are usually kept over stocked to spread out aggressive behavior and stop them from devouring eachother. I'm hoping over stocking this tank will help make the betta ignore the shrimp and other fish, while also keeping the tetras/rasboras from fin nipping by keeping them in a school. And im hoping my rasboras wouldn't get eaten by an amano shrimp, they're expensive and rare here, thats why i was considering keeping the tetras instead, and also because the tetras are faster so I'm assuming they'll be better at avoiding being caught!

Thank you!
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I also plan a 10 gallon betta tank.I don't have any experience with bettas,but ,from what I've read ,overstocking is not necessarily a good thing ,like with ciclhids.I plan to add ghost shrimp first ,once my tank is cycled ,ant then the betta ,and that's it.Beta aren't too happy with fish that swim fast.Corys may disturb your plants ,until they get rooted ,and I would choose rasboras over neon tetras.But you should wait for the experienced people's advice ,as I said ,I'm new in the bussiness.
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i dont think it will work. if you want to keep bettas with fish i would try something bigger then a 10g. i think the 10g would be to cramped and he would get upset. if he is in a bigger tank i think you will have a much better shot. also the bio load is to high as is imo.

from my experiences bettas wont work with most fish. but honestly you never know until you try it. i would stay away form smaller fish like the tiny corys and CPD's. the more likely it is to fit in his mouth the better chance he will try. the bigger tank will also give the other fish room to get away.

iv had one betta in a 40g breeder with neons, bronze corys, BN pleco and harlequin rasobars. this was the only betta out of 5 that actually worked without trying to kill everything.

8g Fluval 1M CT Betta
125g 5 Blood parrots, 1 Green Severum, 8 Dension Barbs, 10 Yoyo Loaches, 1 RTS
75g Angelfish, 3 EBGR, 4 Siames Alage Eaters, 12 Harlequin Rasboars, 1 BN Pleco, 1 Swordtail
33g long cherry shrimp, 8 pygmy corys, 5 ottos
15g 2 GBR
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I have a 5G tank that had a betta alone, now it has some cherry shrimp and a snail. I know what you are saying with overstocking, but it is a lot riskier in a small tank than larger ones where there is:

1. More room - for more plants, swimming room, spacing for fish.
2. More exchange, unless you are doing both massive filtering and having it massively stocked along with very frequent water changes until it matured I wouldn't risk it. Especially not with all those fish at once.
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The corydoras are you best bet as companion fish since they stick to the bottom, and the amanos are the best choice for shrimp since they are bigger in size and can hold their own against the betta. The tetras may stress out you betta since they are so active.
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I had to remove my male betta from a planted 20 gallon because he was harassing some guppies and black neon tetras. I put him in his own planted 10 gallon. I do have a large gray-blue mystery snail in there with him, some pond snails and Malaysian trumpet snails. So far, he has not bothered the mystery snail, though he has eaten some of the smaller juvenile pond snails. The mystery snail has very long antenna and so far the betta has not nipped at those. He is very active and really likes the planted 10 gallon. I have had him since he was about an inch long.

I'm thinking that a nicely planted 10 gallon and one male betta and some snails are probably OK. Your fish list has too many fish for 10 gallons.

You may want to research on this forum for advice about substrate types for planting and cycling the tank with plants before re-introducing the betta. Also many of the Amazon swords might get to large for a 10 gallon...

Just my 2 cents. It's what worked for me.

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I personally agree that is a lot of fish (and bioload) for a 10 gallon. If it were me I would do (MAX):

1 Betta
6 Dwarf Cories OR 4 Otos
1 or 2 Amano shrimp or MTS Snails

I would make sure the tank is very heavily planted with lots of hiding spots. Have you tried your betta with any fish/inverts before? Some will do ok, some won't. Also, I LOVE my otos but MAN do they eat and poop a lot. I wouldn't put them in until you have algae growing. Even if it looks like a lot to you they will have it cleaned in 2-3 days max and then need to be supplemented. Just some stuff to think about
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+1^ It's why I would choose the corydoras over the otos.
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It's true it's not usually going to work. However, my betta is in a 15g heavily planted with about 60 constantly reproducing cherry shrimp, cpd, micro rasboras, 4 otto cats, a julii Cory, and two pygmy puffers. They all live very happily together. It's a long shot but worth a try as long as you have a spare tank ready in case of problems.

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