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Anyone else ever have plants come back from the grave?

This is weird. Since setting up my 120 about three months ago, I've had two plants come back from the grave.

Story goes like this: I got back into planted tanks in November of 2004 after a several year hiatus. I set up a 45 gallon, and two of the plants included were Heteranthera zosterofilia (stargrass) and Nymphaea zenkeri (dwarf lily). Both grew well. In fact the stargrass grew too well, and I decided to pull it out in April of 05. Then in June last year, I moved. After the move, my lily died. It didn't seem to like the new water chemistry.

Well, I set up this 120 in early April of this year. As I was tearing down the 45 I found the bulb from the lily. For lack of other options, I just buried it in the substrate of the 120. Boy was I surprised when it sprouted a month later, after having been dead and gone (I thought) for 10 months. As if that wasn't enough, I just looked in my tank today and noticed a strange plant in the back of my field of E. tenellus. It's a stem of stargrass! I haven't had stargrass in my tank (to my knowledge) for over a year, but there it is.

I think that's weird. Anyone else have similar experiences?
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I had a piece of najas grass suddenly appear in my tank when I tore it down and went low tech. I hadn't seen in in months. Like 6 months. Occasionally a piece of crypt rhizome will sprout in my 15. And I pulled that clump around Christmas.

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I had a 10 gallon with a few dwarf lily bulbs in it over a year ago. They both eventually died and I never put more back in. A few months ago I noticed a strange looking leaf coming up through the gravel. Low and behold, it was a dwarf lily. It is now relocated to my 20 where it throwing up new leaves every week!
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Yes! Not only do some plants come back from the dead, some are haunting me. When I think I've gotten rid of them, they reappear a few weeks later. I've been getting rid of all my guppy grass for 6 months.
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Najas is HORRIBLE about that! I think it is stalking me!

I also had trouble getting rid of Riccia. Just when I thought I had it all, boom, find more.

I also thought I had pulled out all my Potamogeton gayi - but I found a big old sprig of it yesterday way in the back behind the heater. Go figure!

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Just riped out two huge clumps of Ninjas from each tank today. I forgot what it was like to have the top of the tank back. Thanks for the warning, kinda like duckweed, eh? At first it was such a cool plant then you turn around and it's the focal point.

Some of the fish are enjoying the open water but others have second thoughts.

As for coming back from the dead. Anubis Nana petite.

Came back even after getting burried, leaves and all (don't ask). I didn't know what to do with it when purchased several years ago and it got lost in the shuffle of moving things around.

These days since 2004 it's been pared off several times and looks great.

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I have a survival and a come back from the grave in a different place.

May of 05 I moved a 7.5 hour drive to where I am now. In the process of moving one of my tanks I replaced the substrate to eco-complete. Two weeks ago I took rubbermaid container of some of the old substrate out of the very back of my garage behind all kinds of boxes that doesn't have any a/c to put in an outside pond. In that container was two crypt wendtii living in there.

The last time I bought Heteranthera zosterifolia was in Dec. of 04 and I could never get it to grow (or even stay alive) in my tank. Since then I have moved that tank 3 times and switched substrates in it once and a month ago it has started to come back in my tank(and grow well). And it took over a year in its present location to start growing.
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I tend to forget about plants more than I have them come back from the grave. I found a decent sized compact sword under a bunch of other plants awhile back. I had no idea it was still in there, being one of the original plants I got when I had first set that tank up 3 years prior. As soon as it was exposed, I got a shoot from it that went out of the tank and bloomed.

Plants are like otos to me. In some tanks I'll find an oto in there and it'll surprise the heck out of me because I had no idea I had any in there. Kind of a " What the @#$?? When did I put these in there?" type of thing.

I don't ever remember having riccia in my 75 gallon, but I keep finding it regardless. It might have come from the huge wad of it I found in a shrimp tank, which I also did not put there. I've never ordered, traded, or otherwise received riccia on purpose, lol.

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the most common plant for me is jungle vals, I had one when i started and it died. 6months later It came up in 3 different spots! after that it enver died again
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Duckweed probably deserves some kind of prize for being the king of coming back from the dead. I can't recall how many times I've scoured my tank clean of it, only to find it again a month later. It comes back from the dead, and it haunts me too.

kzr750r1, are you sure you pulled two clumps of "Ninjas" out of your tank? That sounds like a major problem. Were they like hiding under the surface and breathing through reeds or something? I saw that in a movie once. Those guys are trouble. Be careful.
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Many stems plants can generate new growth from just a small peice of stem if the conditions are favorable and you are patient. This is why even when you may aquire plants that arrive mostly gone by, you may be able to salvage some bits and peices and grow them out. This is also how aquarium plants have escaped and invaded our natural lakes and streams.

Rhizomes are tuberous and can generate growth even from bits and peices of a broken rhizome. This is why if a Cryptocoryne has a total leaf melt down, it can be grown over again from the rhizome as long as the rhizome has not started to rot. Some plants can generate daughter plants from rotting leaves, such as Java fern. The leaf can be totally black but still contain spores that will sprout new plants. All it needs is light and water.

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Java moss is indestructable! It keeps appearing on my drift wood even though I have made numerous attempts to scrape it all off. It somehow springs out of nowhere after a few weeks. I even soaked the wood in very hot water but the stuff won't die... Oh well maybe after a few months my weeping moss will smother it.

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