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filstar xp3 help please!

For some reason my xp3 is not filling/starting after I cleaned it.
I've been working on my tank most of the day (algae, replant, etc.) and am so tired right now I can't think straight.
Just need to get the filter going and i'm done.
Very frustrated.
I have followed the instructions step-by-step several times, and tried different things as well.
Hope I'm just missing something obvious.

Attach the top with 4 clamps, and put the canister EMPTY under the stand.
Fill the inlet hose with water.
When I attach the disconnect valve and press down the lever, the canister is supposed to start filling - but it doesn't.
Any idea why?

So I filled the canister in the sink, attached the disconnect valve, pressed down the lever, and plugged it in.
I hear the impeller spinning, but no water flows through the filter and out the outlet.

Like I said, I think I'm just exhausted and cranky (didn't get my nap today!)
Would someone please let me know where I'm being idiotic here?
I'll go search the forums to see if I can find anything.
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I always fill my Filstar filter from the tank after I clean it. Just a small hose with a siphon. Then I attach the hoses and plug it in. If it doesn't start pumping I lift the lever that the hoses are attached to. This almost always starts it.
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The canister is full.
But when I plug it in, the impeller spins but no water flows.
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I'm assuming a tube is jammed.
I just put the full canister in the sink, and plugged it in - made a nice little fountain.
And the impeller is sure spinning.
But when i put it under the tank and connect the hoses, I do not see a flow of water.
And when I plug it in, no water comes out the outlet.
So I'm guessing I might have a clog in a tube.
And I figure it is on the outlet side, because if not, wouldn't the canister at least pump itself empty into the tank?
So now I'm gonna unattach the hoses one-by-one, and hope I find a nasty clog somewhere.
(Already snapped at 2 of the kids - I think the 3d is hiding!)
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Try this eds....Plug it in, an unplug it real quick (I mean right away!)...keep doin it till you here the water start circulating. Mine does the same thing after a water change. Doesn't wanna start for me. I just do what i mentioned, an after 3 or 4 tries, it kicks right in...
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I read in the other thread about that.
Believe me, I've tried every possible combination of plugging.
Plug in and out 4-5 times.
Plug and tilt.
Plug and wait.
Right now I am reattaching the hoses.
The hoses, Hydor, Reactor are all clear.
I think the problem is the outlet valve on top of the filter.
When I put the filled filter in the sink and plug it in, if expels water.
When I affix the (hoseless) lever/valve and depress the level, it expelled water only about every other time.
I don't know how to fix that, but I'm going to hook up the hoses, and cross my fingers, and see what happens.
If it doesn't work, I think I'm gonna bag it for the night.
Which would really stink, after all the cleaning, trimming, replanting, dosing, I did all day.
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Not sure what it was, but it is flowing, and I don't think I'm gonna unplug it for a while!
I sure hope it wasn't that desperation prayer, cause I sure don't wanna be a priest!
Thanks for the ideas, guys.
I'm going to bed.
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Glad ya got it goin. I havn't had any problems like that with mine except for what I explained earlier. I never use the fill tube either!
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Eds, I had a wierd thing happen today on my XP3. I had pulled it out to add a little bit of crushed coral to a media bag. When I went to restart it, nothing happened. Sounded very dry too. I've lost siphon before, but never like this.

Turned out a chunk of mini Ricca went down the intake tube via a new surface skimmer. It must of happened while adjusting the skimmer's float while doing the initial setup of this new Fluval skimmer. Well, that little piece of Ricca had clogged the main artery to the impeller (or from it?). Anyhow, I removed it and she started right up. So, there might have been some blockage of some type in your hose or impeller/motor's top section.

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I pulled the impeller out of head - didn't see anything obvious.
It's still running this morning - and I'm in a much better mood.
What a feeling of defeat after a long overhaul, to be stopped by something so simple - and unanticipated.
If anyone had happened to knock on my front door yesterday evening, they could have picked up a complete 55 set-up CHEAP!
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This might be moot now, but I had a problem with my Filstar auto-filling, and it turned out my hoses just weren't straight enough. I straightened the outflow hose (it was in a bit of a loop... not kinked at all, just looped) and suddenly it was filling perfectly.
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Mine does the exact same thing after nearly every cleaning. Sometimes the rapidly alternating plugging-unplugging works. Sometimes if I crack one of the sealant brackets until just a drop of water comes out it will start (this is also a good way to get it to auto fill after maintence, just have a towel handy). Sometimes I have to flip the whole filled and connected unit almost upside down. It always starts eventually. French engineering at its finest.
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