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The top ten list

What are the top ten reasons to have a planted tank or to keep freshwater plants?

Robert Paul Hudson

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#1-5 It looks cool
#6-10 The fish like it
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In no particular order, here are my ten...
  • Pleasing to my eyes.
  • Pleasing to others eyes.
  • Better biological filtration.
  • Creates a more "natural" overall aquascape (IMO, not possible without them).
  • Closer to the natural habitat of the fish (brings out natural behaviour).
  • Gives me more things to "fiddle" with.
  • Gives me new ideas and theories to research.
  • Gives me new species to research and observe in action.
  • High-tech gadgets!
  • Makes the tank feel more "alive" as plants show growth too.
I would say, deffinate top of the list is for the overall looks. This will almost always be the reason for people placing a plant(s) in their tanks. Sure, there are plenty of other benefits, and they do provide excellent stabilising biological filtration, but at the end of the day, if we only did it for this, we would just stick hundreds of identical stems of Elodea in the rank, or cover the top with Lemna.

Eheim Pimp #121

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Could not figure out what to do with all my spare cash.


90 Gallon, eco, pressurized, controlled, 240 watts.
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Here are some of the reasons I keep live plants:
  1. To provide a more natural environment for the fish & shrimp
  2. Because it looks nice; plastic looks... plastic.
  3. To learn about new things (who knew there was so much chemistry in this hobby?)
  4. It helps me stay busy (pruning & aquascaping)
  5. I like the way the tank's look is always changing as plants grow, it never gets stale
  6. I enjoy the challenge of keeping things in balance
  7. Plants keep the tank clean and healthy by acting as a bio-filter
  8. I couldn't keep the tank as brightly lit as I like without plants - I'd have an algae farm!
  9. Mixing DIY CO2 & ferts and doing water tests is my idea of fun
  10. Guests have commented on how beautiful the tank is, and that makes me feel good. It's also made more than one of my friends interested in the hobby, which is great!
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I like aquatic plants
relatively inexpensive hobby
looks nice
always something to play around with
something to look forward to coming home to
fun to show it off
planted tanks are relaxing
Better than watching TV
so many plants to choose from
fish like it
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The top ten list

No particular order...

1. I love the way it looks
2. It is never static - seems as if every time I look into the tank there is something new going on!
3. People are awestruck by it! I'm an actor - I dig applause! And even though to me the tank looks relatively lame compared to many, it really just isn't something you see very often and people go nuts for it! Really the only planted tanks I have ever seen outside of display tanks at restaurants - or big aquariums - are poorly lit, plants stuffed into large gravel in the pots, barely hanging on and wearing coats of algae. It has a long way to go, but my living room tank is the lovliest "work of art" we own!
4. Wet sleeves are my friend.
5. I love to learn new things and it seems I have a new question every day - which inevitably brings up about 50 more...
6. I love a challenge!
7. It's cheaper than horses. Which is not to say some day...
8. DIY is fun and rewarding! Technical gadgetry makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck, but just a teensy bit less each day...
9. I love the effect it has had on my "plastic-raised" fish. I haven't added any new fish since I planted my tank, but it's like I have a whole new "herd!"
And the number one reason...

It's just PURTY!

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It's my window into another world. A world so different then mine. No deadlines, no meetings and no pressure. The only trick my plants and fish have to learn is, how to make a living without working.

They have all caught onto this trick. However, I'll never learn it so I just sit back and watch them do it.

Aquariums, the anti-drug.


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It's so much cheaper than reef... But nevertheless one can make it look stunning...
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Send a message via AIM to Jason Baliban
1-2 Creative output
3-4 To capture nature - which is kind of funny, where in the world do you see 30++ppms of CO2 naturally with beauty like we create?
5-6 The challenge - "if is wasnt hard, it wouldnt be cool!!"
7-10 To build a website for Hawk -
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1) The challenge
2) the great look
3) Natural environment
4) Learn new things
5) I needed a money sink
6) I love to build things
7) I donít like salt water
8) Rift lake cichlids were my other option, but their too large
9) I wanted to make something grow
10) To show My LFS that plants really do produce oxygen underwater (in the planted display tank at my LFS the plants never bubble. The person working there said plants will not produce bubbles underwater unless they are broken or dyeing. They have about 4 watts per gallon of light, Compressed Co2 with a ladder, and donít dose ferts at all. The Co2 is "supplemented" according to them with properPH 6.8, and of the 6 lights, 3 of them are actinic tubes. I think I'm going to send them a planted tank book for Christmas.)
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--it's like working in a miniature zen garden, everything has to matter

--my fish look like they've arrived in the Promised Land when I pour them in

--it's GREEN

--static plastic plants now cause a mental reaction in my frontal cortex leading to painful spasms

--it's my very own Undersea World of Figgy Cousteau

--I was sick to death of salt

--my BF won't let me get another dog [I only have five...]

--I love watching the Dwarf Puffers stalk their prey in their own little jungle

--the planted tank in our lab lounge annoys the heck out of my "favorite" co-worker--he thinks we're all going to die of mysterious fish viruses

--I sneeze when I try to garden in the yard

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It's an art form. A means of expression. A live, ever-changing, 3-dimensional canvas.

John P.
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I just like to grow things. It's always been my escape for the pressures of life.

Del Goins

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