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Tough tetra

About a week and a half ago I noticed a cardinal tetra was missing. Didn't mount an extensive search for body because I thought it would be difficult to find, and other fish/pump intake had probable "processed" it already.

Yesterday I was using a stick to prod a plant out the way that was blocking bubbles on my Hagen ladder. Suddenly noticed a cardinal tetra stuck nose upwards inside the channel which takes the CO2 tube down to the bottom of the ladder. Tapped the glass, and he twitched. Released him and a minute later he was eating some flakes. I suppose after a week and a half he was a bit peckish.

He's now a bit mangy looking and has lost a bit of one fin, but I think he'll live. If he can survive a week and a half unable to move or eat (the last couple of days of which there was also white spot medicine to put up with) I think he's destined only ever to die of old age.
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lol... hes pretty lucky... so he was getting a facefull of co2 for a week?
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Tough Tetra

Poor little pumpkin!!! I've always heard that Cardinals are so fragile. Guess it's all about the individual!

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About 10 years ago, in the middle of the night, I heard my single goldfish leave the tank, but I didn’t fully wake up and realize what had happened. So, in the morning, several hours after hearing the big splash, I found him (or her, not sure) dried up on the carpet behind the tank.

I picked him up and, in the process, peeled off the fins that were dried into the carpet and most of his tail. I was shocked when he twitched in my hand and—unfortunately—I screamed like a girl and dropped him from about waist height, thus adding insult and further injury to his already considerable existing wounds. I didn’t think he had a prayer, but I couldn’t bring myself to euthanize him, so I dropped him back into the tank. He was covered in hair and dust bunnies and sank straight to the bottom like a stone, made a lame attempt to ‘swim’ with only half of his fins and a stump for a tail. I reached in and picked off all the crap from the floor, then cradled him in my hands and drove him around in the tank to force a little water over his gills. Incredibly, after a couple minutes of this treatment he swam (if you can call it that) out of my hand and seemed fairly OK despite his ragged appearance and heavy breathing. I had to leave for an overnight trip, so I dropped some antibiotic into the tank and figured he’d be dead by the time I returned the next day. To my surprise, he was MUCH better the following day and was even nibbling at the Elodia floating in his tank. I kicked up his salt a notch and changed a bit of water. His fins eventually grew back, though he swam funny for a while and it was pretty embarrassing when new people saw him and invariably asked, “What the HELL happened to that poor fish!?” He lived for several years after that, although his ‘carpet’ side never quite looked right and he had a vertical line in his tail marking the place where the new growth started.

The lesson here is, keep a tight lid on your tanks or lower the water level to keep your fish out of jumping range. And you’d be surprised how HIGH some fish can jump!
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Great stories!


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Here's another great survival story
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I, too, lost a cardinal and also didn't go overboard searching for it in a heavily planted tank.

Until filter cleaning day ...

Opened up the filter, and there was my missing cardinal inside the canister with the bio-media! Somehow the little b*gger had actually made it past the impeller in one piece and had survived at least a couple of weeks in the canister. Fished him out, threw him back in, and he never looked back. He may still be a survivor in the tank for all I know since I can't tell the difference in the cardinals. What happened was that my filter intake screen would tend to pop off (since fixed) when priming the filter, and I didn't always put it right back as I would be busy trying to get the #%#@!! Fluval started.


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I think the real lesson here is that we all, myself included, may tend to overfeed our fish from time to time. Fish can go long periods of time without eating. They are probably used to doing this in the wild. Pig out today, maybe no food for awhile. Although I certainly don't advocate week long fasts...
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RoseHawke, dont you have an otto story to add as well?
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I have story about my albino cory... I had jus finished cleaning my tank after a big blue green algae outburst and i decided to take the cap off my HOB filter and forgot to put it back on... Hours later i went back into my room to have a look at my tanks and saw that my albino wasnt there so i looked around the tank and still couldnt see him then i realised i hadnt put the cap back on and there was no water running through it so i quickly pulled out the tube thing and checked inside and there he was! i shoke him out (that was the only way i could get him out) and he fell to the bottom not moving at all... I thought he was surly going to die overnight so i left him to see how he goes and to my suprise he was fine! Swimming round happy and free again and hes still alive today almost a year later!
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You guys are lucky. All of my missing fish stories end in horror when I wake up the next morning and find that my pictus cat had eaten all of the newer smaller tetras that I had bought the day before. I can't own glow lights, cardnials, or neons unless I want to feed the "lunker". He doesn't seem to mess with Ottos though... Thank god!
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It was moving day and I had a 50 gal community tank to move to the new house. I had a 30 gal sitting empty so on the day before, I took that tank over and filled it. I didn't have a stand for it so I just set it on the floor. I didn't have a hood for it but I wasn't worried about it because all the fish from my 50 gal would only be in the 30 gal for 24 hours. I just used a piece of plywood to cover the top as best I could.

So the next day I netted all the fish out of the 50 gal tank, bagged them up and drove them over to the new house. I dropped the bags into the 30 gal and drove back to the other house to get a load of stuff and drain the 50 gal. This only took about 30 min and then I was back to release the fish into the 30 gal. Everything was going according to plan.

A few hours later I had the 50 gal moved into place and filled with water. I though I was so cool, all I had to do now was age the water 24 hours and move the fish over from the 30 gal. This is until I looked over at the 30 gal and noticed my make shift hood was gone. It was lying on the floor behind the tank and something else was amiss. Some fish were missing. A look around the room reveled a cat, with a rainbow shark hanging out of its mouth. The cat must have seen the look of horror on my face because it took off down the hall like a bat out of hell. I chased it down to a back room where it had a pile of fish. All of them had every scale licked off, were pure white in color and looked like they were on deaths door. In my rush to get them all back into the water, I dumped them (not thinking clearly at this point) into the 50 gal. This must have been like rubbing salt into an open wound, the water in the 50 gal had not aged yet. I know it had to have some chlorine in it. But they all just went down to the bottom of the tank, with gills flapping like mad and no other movement. I wrote them all off as goners and went to bed.

The next morning I awoke to a 50 gal tank of living fish. It took a few weeks for them to get their color back but every single fish lived! To this day, I still don't understand how they all lived. I figured something like this happens only once in a lifetime so I don’t expect to ever experience something like this again.


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