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90 Gallon- Finnex 24/7 Planted Plus

Hi all, I'd really appreciate any input that could be had on the Finnex 24/7 planted+ working on a 90 gallon (48x18x24) tank that is currently planted using dry start method. I have a couple amazon swords, a few crypts, a couple different anubias varieties, Java fern, Java fern windelov (which I've never kept if anyone has any interesting info about that please and thank you), Java moss and lastly, dwarf hair grass. Everything seems to be taking off well, humidity in the tank is up and even the Java moss is looking like it will take off (I don't typically DS java moss but wanted to try).

So... this is the first LED fixture that I've actually had the pleasure of using on my own planted tank. Up until now it's been CFLs, T5s and natural sunlight, all of which I have seem to have had success with thus far lol
I learned a couple things about this feature after I had purchased it online, a couple of them being 1. that the 24/7 mode is likely useless for what I am looking to do because I wont be getting nearly enough light to my plants lol 2. The planted+ has a narrow focus of light and not as much of a spread as I had desired.

At this point in time I am not worried about anything in my set up and things seem to be going along swimmingly. However, my main concerns, and the reason for posting right now, are that once I come to flood the tank is the planted+ going to be able to provide the power it needs? I have it sitting 4.5" back from the face of the tank pointing right over the second row of DHG... will my swords toward the back of the tank suffer because of the narrow spread from this light? Will it be able to provide enough penetration through the water that once the DHG is rooted it will continue to survive? I know it likely won't stimulate a lot of new growth in the DHG where it spreads like wildfire but that is why I am filling in with the DSM now lol

There is someone selling a Current USA fixture ( https://www.bigalspets.com/ca/curren...html?sku=73687 ) online near me for a negotiable price... without adding too much light to this tank as I am not running a co2 setup (still debating using flourish excel... may just experiment as I go, any input is appreciated) and wasting money unnecessarily, can anyone say confidently with experience that I will be providing ample lighting to my plants once I flood this aquarium with just the single planted+?

Maybe adding the current USA fixture is overkill but someone thinks I'd benefit from something else? Would love anyou feedback/ input.

Cheers, Alex.
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Relative newbie here, but I don't think it will be enough. I have a 60gal tank and a Finnex 24/7 planted plus. Its the 48" model. It's not nearly enough light. I run it on the 24/7 mode because I like the moonlight effects at night, but my real wattage comes from a 48" Beamswork DHL that I run alongside the Finnex. I took away the Beamswork for a while and my plants suffered immensely. Added it back in, and happy growing plants. You're gonna need another light. I'd jump on that Current USA if it's a good price.

Edit: Realized you're not running CO2... Another light might just invite algae issues unless you add some gas. You can get a decent setup for about a $120US. Do that and the Current USA and you'll be amazed how fast your plants grow.
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I've got a Finnex 24/7 CC on my 75, running it on the 24/7 cycle. I am very new tank has not even finished cycling, on some plants I notice good growth but on others not so much, I am dosing CO2 just started. But was considering getting a 2nd light also. Will keep looking onto it and reading posts
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I'm running the Finnex Planted+ 24/7 in 24/7 mode on my 60g (on a timer from 6am until midnight). I'm using pool filter sand substrate with root tabs (where applicable) and liquid ferts (Flourish comp, Easy Green).
I have crypt wendtii, amazon sword, anubius nana, java fern, java moss, dwarf sag. I did have jungle val until a battle with BBA, but will get some again. My plants do just fine.
I keep the glass canape clean and run a DE filter following the weekly water change (I believe the clean glass and crystal clear water provides greater light penetration). IF I was to do CO2 and boost the ferts, I'm sure I'd need more light.
Although the height is 24", the 60g is merely 12" front to back. There's a challenge with a 24" depth and your tank is another 6" front to back. I think most of your plants would do okay with the light in 24/7 mode, but the dwarf hair grass might suffer as like all carpet type plants, they need lots of light. In 24/7 mode, you only have max brightness for 11am/12pm to 3pm and this may not be quite enough. So...you might need a longer bright photo period. If you are around daily, you might take it out of 24/7 mode from say 10am until say 4pm, then back to 24/7 mode. Or run on Max (w/red) for 6~ hrs. or so. OR leave the Finnex in 24/7 mode and add another light behind it on a timer from say 10am - 3pm (to better simulate midday sun).
If the purchase of the other light/good deal is time sensitive and you have the cash laying around, I'd get it to have on hand. But I would try the Finnex alone first and see what happens.
One note: I've never done a dry start so I dunno if there's any melt after flooding so I'd be patient in whatever direction you take as plants are often slower than we'd like!
I hope you find these ramblings of some value.
Good luck and keep us posted.

Tank On, Mike-
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Appreciate all the replies from everyone, sorry for the late response.

It seems most people are doing okay with their tanks on a 24/7 cycle based on what plants they are trying to sustain which bodes well for me.
Not sure if I mentioned in my first post though, I know I said I found 24/7 mode useless myself but didn't go into detail... lol

I essentially trashed all hope of the 24/7 cycle in the first week of use... I used it in my first week of dry start and I know plants are still getting established and such but it seemed to be happeniny too slow for emersed plants. Since then I have adjusted my lighting and it is on a timer at full lighting
The timer is set to the following:
ON 5:30a.m.- 7:30a.m.
OFF for one hour
ON 8:30a.m.- 11:30a.m.
OFF for two hours
ON 1:30p.m.- 3:30p.m.
OFF for two hours
ON 5:30p.m.- 9:30p.m.
OFF until next morning.

Not sure how beneficial the staggered lighting is for DSM but I've found it allows me longer periods of time between bottle spraying my tank vs blasting it with 10 straight hours of light lol
I will be cutting light to approx. 6 hours a day once flooded for the first week and then will likely go on a 8-9 hour cycle adjusting accordingly.

As mentioned before, one row of DHG is directly below the fixture, one row is approximately 3.5-4 inches off center to the fixture. Growth is looking good as of right now pre-flood.
My amazon swords are towards the back of the tank and likely getting the least amount of light out of any of the plants... they are in substrate at a depth away from the fixture of 21 inches and approx 8 inches laterally from the fixture.
Most java fern, anubias and moss are planted closer to the fixture than substrate height and scattered on driftwood... should be getting plenty of light.

I guess based on replies so far it seems I should be okay especially having left 24/7 mode... if most are able to sustain their tanks on that setting then I should expect more light hitting my tank now and hopefully that helps once it is flooded.

Any other feedback is welcome... still concerned about my DHG down the road lol any more experiences could help... or someone who has PAR ratings on a 24" tank for this fixture once flooded.

Cheers, Alex.
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