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Lightbulb EI+ On A Tanks Initial Stage - Equilibrium Questions - 2x ADA 60P's

Dear Experienced Planted Tank Keepers,

After reading Tom Barr's articles twice with a highlighter in my hand, he ( The Science ) has won me over Takashi Amano ( The Design and Marketing )

I successfully gained good experience on a 114 Litre Iwagumi tank ( 200+ umol at substrate, Fluval 2.0 LED’s ), full ADA substrate system, ADA dosed, HC planted and I now feel ready to start up a fully planted tank.

I am going to be setting up two ADA 60P’s, heavily planted, daily EI+ dosing, one with a concave and one with a convex layout using driftwood. Lighting will be around 200 umol at the substrate level ( 90 at shaded areas between driftwood and glass ) on one and around 100 umol ( 40 at shaded areas under and around driftwood ) on the other. I am aiming to gain experience on both systems which will be greatly different in dynamics.

After week 1, fauna will be 60 Caridina Multidentata’s and 60 Neocaridina Bloody Mary’s during the first 12 weeks. 30 Caridina Multidentata’s will be removed from each system around week 8-12. Trigonostima Espei's and Boraras Brigittae's will be added after week 12.

%100 RO with Seachem Alkaline Buffer and Equilibrium. 4 KH, 6 GH, with a full ADA substrate system.

2x ADA 60P

2x Chihiros A601 Plus ( Concave Layout )
2x Chihiros A601 ( Convex Layout )

Eheim Classical 350 ( 2215 )
2.5 Litres Seachem Matrix ( 1 Litre from an established setup )
1 Litre Seachem Matrix Carbon
500 ml Seachem Purigen
Jardli Lily Pipes - Surface skimmer intake
Hydor Inline Heater 200W

ADA Amazonia Powder Type
ADA Amazonia Regular Type
ADA Power Sand S
Bacter 100
Clear Super
Tourmaline BC

JBL ProScape N
JBL ProScape P
JBL ProScape K
JBL ProScape Fe + Traces
JBL ProScape NPK
ADA Green Bacter - Daily for 14 days, then with WC
ADA Green Gain - Weekly
ADA Python Git - Weekly
Seachem Prime
Seachem Stability - Daily for 14 days, then with WC
Prodibio Biodigest - First day only
Seachem Equilibrium
Seachem Alkaline Buffer

Do!Aqua Music Glass 20mm CO2 Diffusor ( CO2 at 35 ppm ) ( will be shutting off during lights off )
ADA Bubble Counter
Elos Regulator
Twinstar M5
Eheim Air Pump w/ADA Pollen Glass Large 20mm ( during lights off )

DAILY DOSING PLAN : ( I prefer to use branded fertilizers for ease )

Week 1
%50 WC daily
NO3 10 ppm
PO4 0.2 ppm
K 5.5 ppm
Fe+Traces 0.1 ppm, resulting in a 0.5 ppm dose of Mg

Week 2 - Introduce 60 Caridina Multidentata’s
%50 WC daily

Week 3
%50 WC every 2 days
NO3 5 ppm ( or more depending on tests )
PO4 0.5 ppm

Week 4
%50 WC every 3 days
Replace Carbon with regular Matrix, Replace Purigen with 250 ml new Purigen. ( 3.75L Matrix, 0.25L Purigen )

Week 5 - Introduce 60 Neocaridina Bloody Mary’s
%50 WC every 7 days

Week 6 - Increase daily PO4 dose to 0.6ppm or more if needed !

Please do comment on any detail, brand, amount about my daily dosing plan and/or my equipment. I am eager to improve my abilities.


MAIN QUESTION 1: Should I be dosing PO4 and Fe+ from day one? Does the information about PO4 and Fe not being sources of a bloom also apply for the initial stage? I accounted for the PO4 leaching from the Matrix Carbon and Amazonia. Should I increase the initial dose of 0.2 ppm PO4 to a 0.5ppm from day 1 under the comfort of my daily water changes?

MAIN QUESTION 2: Seachem Equilibrium adds 0.44 Fe, 92 K2O, 78 K, 9.64 Mg, 32.24 Ca, 0.24 Mn to the water at a GH of 6. Is this too much? Would a magnesium surplus ( will be dosing 0.5 ppm daily in addition ) cause K blockage under these concentrations? Would the high Fe concentration cause any problem on the systems initial stage? Should I mix 3 GH Equilibrium with 3 GH Salty Shrimp? Comments on Salty Shrimp will be appreciated, it’s ingredients aren’t listed. Any recommendations for a branded GH product?

Q3: Would using %100 RO cause any form of a Cl deficiency? Any information on how RO systems work in terms of Cl? Tap water is not an option due to Milano’s incomprehensible tap water.

Q4: The JBL Proscape Fe+Traces is only lean in Cu 0.002 ppm relative to Tropica 0.009 ppm and AquaRebel 0.006 ppm at 0.1 ppm Fe. All other variables are around the same with all three products. Would a daily value of 0.002 ppm result in a deficiency?

Q5: Is aeration during lights off necessary considering Twinstar M5 diffuses a great deal of oxygen? Will Twinstar M5 substitute for a full aeration by the use of an air pump ( 50 l/h ) considering the skimmer would also be supplying oxygen for the bacteria? I do not want the oxygen levels to decline during lights off. Would Twinstar alone be sufficient?

Q6: Is it possible to introduce the Bloody Mary’s sooner? Would they get affected by the water changes? Around 2-4 KH in tank due to Amazonia’s initial days, 6-8 KH new water. ( See below )

Q7: Should I aim for a higher KH of 8 for the new water in order to keep the tanks KH at or around 4 and then gradually adjust to keep KH at 4 over time?

Rotala ‘Green’
Rotala Rotundifolia
Rotala Wallichii
Rotala ‘Vietnam’ Hra

Hottonia Palustris
Rotala Indica ‘Bonsai’
Ludwigia Palustris
Micranthemum Umbrosum
Ranunculus Inundatus
Hydrocotyle Tripartita

Glossostigma Elatinoides

Taxiphyllum Barbieri ??? ( Any moss recommendations? I will be covering all driftwood. Aiming for a no visible wood look. Using ADA Moss Cotton. )
Bolbitis Heudelotii
Microsorum Trident
Anubias ‘Petite’
Bucephalandra ‘Wavy Green’

Thank you for taking the time to read through my long post.

Happy Fish Keeping

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I am giving this a bump
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Q3: Would using %100 RO cause any form of a Cl deficiency? Any information on how RO systems work in terms of Cl? Tap water is not an option due to Milano’s incomprehensible tap water.
Cl will exist in water as Cl2 (a gas) and as a chlorine salt (chloride) such as NaCl or CaCl2. RO membranes will filter out chlorides. In water quality reports I typically see levels of 20 to 30ppm. and Cl2 is typically filtered out by the RO system prefilter. If Cl2 is not removed by the prefilter the RO membrane will eventually fail.

So RO unit will remove essentially all sources of Cl for plants. I would add some table salt (NaCl) to your water to provide a source of Cl for the plants. I would start with about 3ppm NaCl. 3ppm should be sufficient for plants in a low tech tank. Not sure if it is sufficient for high light CO2 setup. But you could easily increase the dose about 10ppm if you think you need it.
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