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you know you have a aquascaping addiction when

When you drive past a guy with spikey hair on the way to work and you immediately think 'he looks like hairgrass', But then you correct yourself that his strands are too thick for hairgrass and he is probably e. tenellus or blyxa.

- When walking through parks you notice broken tips of trees on the ground out of the corner of your eye and your brain wonders if you could get them to root in your tanks.

- you see someone drinking Midori in a club and think to yourself "algae - hmm, a few stem plants in the glass would fix that".

- you cut tips off every terrestrial plant you come across thinking to yourself "maybe with the right approach I can convert it"

- you know the GH, KH and PH of the water in every place you've lived, and refer to a past place as "the hard water house"

You excitedly look into muddy puddles and pooling stormwater run-off for hitherto undiscovered foreground/carpeting plants.

- You look into your backyard and imagine how much better it would look under 2m of water.

- You start using driftwood in your backyard garden, and complain about the lack of suitable stem plants at your local garden centre.

- Your backyard garden is mostly emergent grown aquatic plants anyway, so you always have a source of cuttings. Actually... this would probably be possible you know...

- You visit your local creek or lake, and criticise the aquascaping, water clarity, lack of foreground plants, choice of substrate, etc.

You start to aquascape your local creek or lake...

How about when you go to get a haircut by a hot looking girl and you sit in the chair the whole time thinkin "man those are some nice scissors"

This one is more a guy thing, because girls probably wouldn't do it, but ya know when you have different colored sponges - one for the bench, one for the floor etc, and you just use them all to wipe anything,and then wash dishes with them and don't see what the fuss is about. But then when your girl picks up your 'fishtank' cleaning sponge and goes to wipe the bench and you leap through the air to grab it and say "what are you doing? Are you crazy!".

When you're sitting in a five star restaurant on a hilltop, and you comment to your fellow diners that the 'driftwood' on top of the piano would look really good in a really big fish tank... then you realise that if you could seal off the bar & entrance to the restaurant, the whole damn place would make a WONDERFUL fish tank, curved front glass at least 8 foot high

from another forum I thought you all might fin amusing
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