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Crypt tank dosing

I've got a 20 long crypt (addiction) tank and I'm considering switching up the dosing.

30" Planted+ (24/7 pre-ordered though, woot!), CO2, dose the full recommended dose of Excel daily, super-hard water, a bit overstocked and well-fed fish, occasional root tabs (Nutricote or some generic tabs I've got), and so far my dry dosing has consisted of dumping in some K2SO4 and CSM+B during water changes.

I've got a wide variety of crypt species and some are getting some green spot algae, plus I think some of them could be growing a little better (and unfortunately there really aren't any fast-growing indicator species I think I could use to identify deficiencies, plus hesitant to switch parameters too frequently). I'm mostly wondering if anyone has a dosing regimen they can recommend either for their crypt tanks or other slower-growing tanks. I'm thinking of EI, or maybe PPS-pro but I don't have any experience with this system. I'm concerned full-regimen dosing might be a bit overkill for my tank and may invite even more algae problems but any advice is appreciated. I've got about anything as far as ferts at my disposal (Fe gluconate, chelated iron, CSM+B, K2SO4, KHPO4, KNO3).

Much appreciated!
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