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Originally Posted by Zorfox View Post
Your current dosing seems about right if you reduce water changes to 25% weekly. Here is what you're currently dosing every other day...

NO32.63 ppm
PO41.08 ppm
K2.1 ppm
Mg1.1 ppm

Fe0.12 ppm

The reason I gave those numbers is so you can model the trends here. If you know the ranges for non-limiting nutrients you can see your dosing regime will be fine. If you don't know those numbers or are confused about non-limiting nutrients give this a read.

Can you reduce your current dosing? Probably. However, I'm not a big fan of approaching nutrient limitation to save a few cents worth of fertilizer. Makes no sense to me. The sweet spot is so large we should never think about reducing levels that low IMO. You're doing enough water changes to eliminate the guess work or testing requirements, hence the original conception of EI.
Thank you Zorfox [emoji4]
That is very helpful. I didn't know the ppm of ferts I was dosing leading to my doubts. This makes it easier now[emoji4]
I've gone through your EI thread earlier. Very good info[emoji122]

I'll be adding 30 juvenile discus to my tank soon(may cull half when they grow a bit). That's part of the reason I opted for 25% twice a week water changes.
Since I'll be having a pretty heavy bioload, will my current dosing be enough with twice a week 25% water changes?
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