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Proper Dosing Help

Hello All!

Trying to wrap my head around a fert schedule and could use some help from some experts!
Right now I am dosing double-dose of excel daily to try to rid the start of some hair algae, but I know I need to get my fert/light/co2 aligned to keep it at bay long-term.

I have Seachem N, P, K & Flourish.

I have a 6g fluval edge with injected co2, drop checker, purigen instead of carbon in the filter, and a 25w heater.

LIGHTING: ( I'm getting about 40PAR to my plants.)
- Fluval 5-watt stock LED upgrade taken from the larger 12gal edge
-3 x 10-inch Finnex FugeRay Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights (4 watts each):

LIVESTOCK: (minimal for now)
3 RCS, 2 amano, 1 oto

Driftwood, 10 or so Patches of HC (trying to carpet), single patch of dwarf four leaf clover, Golden Lloydiella, Lobelia Cardinalis & Anubias nana barteri

What is a safe schedule to be dosing the NPK/Flourish? I know Macros and micros shouldn't be on the same day, and I know they should each be dosed multiple times during the week, but I could use some help! Trying to get a nice, lush HC carpet!

Does a schedule like this work? (excluding excel)

S: flourish
M: N,P,K
T: flourish
W: N,P,K
F: flourish
S: N,P,K

My tank:

PS: ignore the fact that the drop checker is bright blue, I had JUST installed it before that photo.
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