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Time for CO2, other solutions?

Hi all,

I am currently battling a menagerie of algae issues in my 14 gallon tank. Current party goers include GSA, GHA, staghorn, and diatoms.

Tank parameters/set up are as follows:
14 gallon rimless bowfront
HOB filtration (AC20)
Finnex Planted+ (7-7.5 hours light/day)
Eco-Complete Substrate
Dosed daily with Excel, 2x week flourish

Stock: 6 RCS, 6 Glowlight Danio

Plants: Crypt Undulata, Microsword, Pennywort (for some surface cover), 2x Banana Plant

I perform 20-25% water changes 2x week and scrape/pluck as much algae as I can. Needless to say its all back in a couple of days. My hypothesis is that I am getting more light than I thought I would with this particular fixture, and I don't have the CO2 to back it up. This is my first tank that is more intended for plants than stock, so I am all ears on what I may be doing wrong, or could do to improve the situation.

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