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Plants need about a dozen elements to survive. Several of these are in the water or fish food.
Many are not in these sources in enough quantity for the plants.
Will you have other sources of the other nutrients? Steady, stable supplies?

Fish food:
Good source of N, P, most traces. Not good supply of K, Ca or Fe.
If fish food will be the main source of nutrition for the plants, then I would concentrate on supplementing Ca (water changes, usually), K and Fe.

EI or some other method of dosing:
Supplies all, but if you are going to modify the system, then you need to supply whatever you are reducing from the EI method.

Dosing liquid ferts:
If you intend to dose some, then no need to add these to the substrate.


Prepare to dose all that you can via substrate tablets or capsules. Whatever ferts you have access to.

But do not dose too heavily that way, just in case they are too strong.

If you find the amounts need adjusting, then do that in the next batch.
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