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The purpose of the tank is to tread into the high end category while being apartment friendly. I want something that is as much an art piece as a nice piece of furniture. I am knocking on 30 and trying to transition my place away from the collegey metal racks and futon etc. I could spend more on a tank, but anticipate moving every 2 -3 years so it needs to be on the smallish side and movable by 1 dude. I think the 75p is really as big as I could possibly go.

I plan on keeping 2 tanks pretty much at all times and if you are following my other threads you will see that the 55 is giving me problems so i might be back on the 29. Since the first tank is going to be my low tech tank, my goal for this one is to give me a tank that affords me a range of options. I plan on starting with a dutch scape to get my gardening chops up to par, then transition into more heavily designed nature aquarium compositions.

The tank will always be viewed from a fairly close distance 12' or less, apartment living room or bedroom. I am interested in housing, at various times and depending on the scape, mostly the small scape friendly fish such as ember tetra, dwarf rasboras, shrimp, etc. And will likely never go larger than say a pair of rams or dwarf gourami.

I will be running a canister filter with everything inline to start (already have a fluval g6) but may transition to an hob overflow and wet dry if I get equipment bored and want to change it up. I am planning on starting with a 2ft 4 bulb fixture I already have. At the rate technology is evolving, I am sure it won't be long before I am running leds.

My arms are regular lengrh on my 5'10" frame. I can readily reach every corner of a 2' high 2' wide tank flat footed without any problems.

is that enough info?
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