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New shop in Albuquerque

I was on the bus on Sunday, April 15 (2007), just after noon, heading west on Menaul. We were west of Carlisle, about half way to University, when on the south side of the street I glimpsed in a aseptic-looking strip mall (the one where there is a long-time computer shop, I think) [get to the point...] I saw what looked like a new aquarium shop.

I was so startled that I only got a glimpse of the name, something like Southwest Salt Reef with Corals. This sighting soaked in over the next minute: it looks like we have a second saltwater aquarium store in town.

The other one is on San Pedro, just south of Menaul, on the west side of the street, across the street from Coronado Mall. I went there once, was too early, it wasn't open yet, and I finally saw the sign on the door "FW is for [some uncomplimentary but not naughty term for unskilled folks]" and I realized it wasn't the place for *me*. Assuming then that the one on San Pedro hasn't moved, then SW lovers will have more choices here in Albuquerque. Since August 2006, 98% of my fish money has gone to Clark's on Lomas, if only because they are closer to me (I live downtown) and because the employ skilled clerks
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Met a man on the bus today who found out I was head to Clark's (on Lomas). He proceeded to tell me all about his hundreds of gallons worth of tanks, talking all about his immense experience, which might have been more interesting if he had actually helped *me* with my petty problems (a bit of algae) instead of obviously thinking I was hanging on his every word... I wasn't since it wasn't a conversation but an autobiography on his part...

Anyhow, he mentioned that the Reef store on San Pedro south of Menaul across from Coronado Mall had moved to somewhere on north Candelaria, and that the new Reef store I had spotted was indeed new. At least, I think that's what he said since he wandered around a bit. I did hear some more details about why Rowland's might have shut down.

Then he talked about Reefs, which I have zero interest in...

Well, it was nice to meet another aquarium keeper, even though he was a bit too full of himself...
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Socorro resident here

howdy --

steph moore from Socorro here.

I have about two years experience with aquariums - and just started with a planted 20gal. tank. I initially began with aquatic turtles and needed to grow food for them; hence the planted tank which is now too nice to feed to them....

More about the 20gallon:

Livestock: About 18 Harlequin Rasboras, four male feeder guppies from its previous iteration as a turtle food tank, and three corydoras. Tons of snails - I haul them out regularly and toss them into the turtle tank. Escargot is a big favorite!

Plants: I have several plants, but don't know the exact names of some of them. I have a Java fern tied to driftwood that initially looked dead but is putting out new leaves and daughter plants. I have some bacopas (I think), and some vallisneras. I have a really large plant that is doing very well, but I dont' know what it is. And duckweed to feed the turtles.

Lighting: I just got a Nova HO T5 from, and it seems to be making the plants fairly happy.

Substrate: Fluorite red. About 2 inches deep, over an undergravel filter.

Filtration: Magnum 350 filter (x-ferred from the turtle tank; they got the new Rena XP4 last week). Filter is rigged to the undergravel filter plate so that water goes through the gravel, then into the filter, then back to the tank via spray bar mounted underwater.

Been lurking and reading here to learn about CO2 systems and other nifty plants I can get for my aquarium.

Just FWIW: The store on Menaul is Southwest Reef Company. I went in there last week just to look around. Neat store. All saltwater and reef, though. I still bought some chemicals just to kick some money their way.

The employees seemed very helpful and willing to answer questions. I told them I'm nowhere near ready to do a SW tank yet. They didn't mind me looking around, and said that when/if I wanted a SW tank, they'd be more than willing to help. Yep, I bet so!

Beautiful fish and corals, but more than I want to take on anytime soon.

Anyway, that's it, just saying hello to any and all other NM residents.

steph moore
New Mexico, USA

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I'm thinking I might visit SWReef just to see what kind of tanks they have, if they have anything different from Clark's, for example, or even WalMart.

I'm glad to see another New Mexican on the list (though I'm late in noticing, sorry!). Your post above, though, is the kind of post that would go in maybe the General category under a "New Member Introduction" type of subject line, just to spread your interests around. I'm glad you have "Central New Mexico" in your Location.

Plants? I like plants, especially regular terrestrial plants, and I have a makeshift garden at my apartment complex, right outside my door. Looks good, so the management hasn't told me to pull it all up (the Rosemary wants to take over the world, but it makes good landscape, so it's staying, along with the mint).

I'd like to get maybe some kind of tallish tank, put some nice drift wood or, more likely, a pile of nice rocks in the center (rocks from Mama's Minerals, San Mateo and Lomas), attach to it/them Java fern and anubias, light it all properly, and just have that. Maybe fish, too, but they're less important. When I started my 10G a year ago, having figured out something about cycling (at last), I cycled it with plants from my then-current tank, new plants, old snails, a used filter, all that. The plants alone looked just marvelous and I haven't forgotten. A plants-only tank probably wouldn't require a heater, either, and I could have it in my bedroom maybe... Well, I'm still working on that, getting ideas for lighting, tanks/other containers, etc. This forum is good for that, too.

My current plants include (If I can remember them all...) java fern, Amazon sword (both successes from PetCo tubes!), some kind of wisteria (another tube plant, moderate success so far), 1 or 2 bacopa varieties (or one might be moneywort), elodia/anacharis (which comes and goes), some Cabomba that has managed to hang on (I somehow kill easy-to-grow plants), a green crypt Wendii that likes it so much I had to pull it out of its shoes (a small bowl), cut it back, and it's growing again (never has melted). Water sprite that I have also put in our pond at work, where it is growing like mad, looking completely different outside in the sunlight (but may freeze in the winter). Also I got a sprig of diandra/star grass? last time I visited Clark's, so we'll see how that does.

I keep a kind of diary on my home computer and whenever I buy something or something interesting happens, I note it down: new fish, deceased fish, new plants, etc. Doing something like this may help you remember plant names as well as anniversary dates

I forgot: I also have "creeping Charlie" and 2 anubias (one Nana, the other ? - both fairly expensive)

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Hey there all! Another New Mexican out there happy that I am not a lone in the hobby out here in the desert!

I would echo the comments from Steph that Southwest Reef on Menaul is a great place to visit and they are very helpful even if we are "Freshies". I bought some mounting brackets for my VHO lighting there and were very helpful and even offered to special order if I had the need.

Another interesting, albeit salt water, place on the web is They have a forum and talk a lot about places around town and even have monthly meetings. I do not do salt water but you never know when one of them may have a great tank for sale or something else as far as equipment goes.

I have not been up there yet, and they are even advertising they want to sell the business on craigslist, but on Juan Tabo, south of Menaul on the East side is another salt water store as well. They have a bird shop next to it as well.

Just to throw this out there, I have not been very impressed with the plant or fish selection at Clark's lately and have been buying all my stuff online. In fact, I have found the "Swap Shop" on this forum and purchased Shrimp there at MUCH lower prices than I have found anywhere else along with great plants.

Anyway, enough of my long winded antics. I am always willing to help any enthusiast so if you guys need anything, I have extras of lots of stuff around. I do not have many plants that are worth much or are not being eaten by my fish, but like I said let me know if you need anything.

Debby as far as rocks go, have you ever thought about going down to Rocky Mountain Stone on the freeway near Fuddruckers and getting rocks there? They sell by the ton and in many cases will let you take a "sample" or two for free. We buy rocks there for our landscaping and have taken a few cobbles here and there to use in my tanks with their permission. They have some pretty cool stuff. Just remember that not all rocks are good for aquariums because they change your water chemistry.

Anyway, this time I am really going to shut up

Have a good day all, one more day till Friday!
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Thanks for that link! I'll explore it after writing this.

The main reasons I visit Clark's are that they're close to Downtown and they do have knowledgeable people. I learned Saturday that they'll take my extra water sprite, too

I think I've seen Rocky Mountain Stone while out with car-driving friends as we zip by on I-25. If I had a yard, I bet that would be the place to visit if I were to make a pond. Maybe if my boss decides to spruce up our pond at work I can suggest looking there. As for smaller rocks, I use pretty much exclusively jasper, quartz, and petrified wood, plus common aquarium gravel.
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Hi Steph--It's Carole from the turtle club. Nice to find osmeone on line whom I know.
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DG, this thread is about 5 years old :P
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I'm still looking for a place that works more with freshwater planted tanks. A lot of the saltwater places are really really nice here, my dad was super excited to see some of them. Reef-Licious on San Mateo was really great and all of their fish were in great condition and they had "Freshwater Planted Aquarium" on their website but apparently the owner's brother was the one who did that and he's moved to Europe.
I have to stay away from Clark's because my friend worked there and it was kind of scary, especially for the small animals, and the one on Lomas (the one he worked at) seemed to be the better of the two. Their fish tunnels are great but I wanted to leave that note.
Still looking for a freshwater or aquarium shop that isn't simply a pet store.
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