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CO2 gas is much more easily taken up by the plant's than the Excel.
Seems the Excel must first be absorbed through the leave's and then through process unknown to me within the plant,is converted to usable CO2.
Even injecting CO2 is a crude way of supplying plant's with CO2 for it being a gas, want's to leave the tank nearly as fast as it is injected.
Is why those that inject CO2 use fairly strong flow from filter's and powerhead's to try and disperse it throughout the tank so that all plant's are bathed in it before it escapes to the surface.They point their spraybar's from filter's and powerhead's downward's to help keep the gas from rising up and out too quickly, and good flow to distribute it to all area's.
Growth is said to be 10X faster with the gas than NON CO2 tank's and frequent trimming is needed to keep plant's from getting out of hand and more importantly from growing so well perhap's that growth block's the flow of CO2 across all area's of the tank.
These folk's are alway's tweaking,adjusting,flow,CO2 distribution.
Some folk's run their CO2 injected tank's right on the edge of gassing their fish to achieve desired growth.
CO2 injection also result's in plant's needing consistent Fertilizing routine for best result's.
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