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Originally Posted by kcrossley View Post
I'm only dosing 1/16 tsp Mono Potasium Phosphate (KH2P04) three times a week. Water is RO/DI with Barr's GH Booster. Should I reduce the Potasium Phosphate I'm dosing or the Iron Chelate?
i got lots of problem with my traces and iron causing cloudy water too using ei method. i no longer have this problem now

All my parameters were good for aquascaping :

750 Liters
light metal halid 450 w
gh 6
kh 3
ph 7.4 to 6.3 (morning to evening when light on)
2 Filters ok one bio one meca (fine foam and purigen)
dosing EI daily at morning with automatic pump
and liquid traces that we find in france

and i sometimes had crystal water but the most time light cloudy water and cloudy water at all my water changes. (50% week)
so i was looking for bad filtration, bactérial bloom, green water but even with 18w UV, water is light cloudy.

So i stoped fertilisation macro and traces and my water was crystal clear.
Retry macro, water still pristine.
Change my traces with Fe chelated 13% and cloudy water reappears.

I've now changed all my parameters to allow my traces not turn white in the tank.

Chelated fe needs soft and acid water to not oxydised. so here are my new parameters of the tank and no more cloudy water :

GH 3
Kh 2
ph 7.0 to 6,2 begin co2 earlier to have acidic water as soon as possible
dosing macro at 12:00
dosing traces at 14:30 when water is more acidic than in the morning

The traces i use are very low cost and effective that's why i didn't want to change it and prefer change all my tank parameters.

Hope it helps
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