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Is this going to be an issue?! If so would any of these solutions work?!?!

So here is my thought, since starting the 75g planted I have noticed a trend. My nitrates are slowly becoming non existent. I checked my params today and got 0 ammo, 0 nitrites, and just about 0 nitrates. I haven't done a wc this week yet.

I KNOW plants require some nitrates and I am pretty sure that I heard something about too low nitrates cause my cycle to crash. Is this true?!

So my tank is understocked by a fair bit. 64% according to AQ. I don't feed too much because I fear algae.

Plant growth for my low tech tank has been superb thus far. I guess my 2 concerns are with the more plants grow and continue to fill in the more and more nitrates keep getting sucked out. This will cause a deficiency I think, and worried about my cycled tank BB dying.

Are my concerns valid?

Here are some ways I was thinking could help prevent this, let me know what you all think.

Option 1: add more fish, this would mean more waste and thus more nitrates in the water, right?

Option 2: feed more often and bigger portions, this could be a bit risky as overfeeding fish could lead to potential health concerns right?

Option 3: add some bottled product to increase nitrates, this would mean more work and stuff adding to the tank which is the thing I want least. But if its the only way than obviously I will do it.

So which options would you all choose?

Stock is
1 golden ram
2 pearl gourami
25 cardinal
7 oto cats
and a bunch of different snails

Thanks in advanced

75 Gallon Low Tech w/ Green Terror Pair
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