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Well I went away for a week and left the tank in the care of the rents. So it looks like they overfed, opened the blind to the sliding glass door which gets massive amounts of sunlight morning to afternoon. So I have done two progressive 50% water changes last week on 2 seperate days to try and get rid of most of it. I also got a nice bba outbreak and had to pull out have my plants Anyway I have been dosing my ferts in much less quantities due to the fact that I have much less plants. The green water seems to be coming back somewhat. I was wondering from what I have been reading on here the general suggestion was to wait it out and not do any water changes till it works itself out.

Heres a little background on the tank.

The tank is a 29 standard (damn I got to make a signature with this shizat)

The tank is about 3 years old, it started as a very low light plant tank with colorful fish, but in the past 8 months has become a high light planted tank.

Lighting: consists of 2 lights of America 27 Watt 6500K PC bulbs around 4" by 3" they have 4 tubes connected. I have them mounted in the middle of the hood , facing each other. Also in the hood are 2x 20 watt N.O. Flourescents with Sylvania 9350k Aquarium Plant Bulbs. All the lighting is about 4 months old. All the lighting is in a 12" high hood and has a 4" clip on fan in the back that blows cool air into the lighting, something I just added a week ago.

Filtration: Tetratech 150 with the outflow turned way down so there is little to no surface disturbance. I have a small A.S. Mini-Jet for water flow in there for now.

Substrate: Pea Gravel with 3 years worth of mulm.

Dosing Regime: 2x weekly 2 caps full of Kent Botanica Micro and half a cap of Flourish Iron.

Half Cap daily of Flourish Pottasium

Co2 is provided through a Hagen Ladder Diffusor and pressurized Co2.

Maintenance: Weekly 50% Water changes, Filter taken out and cleaned throuroughly once a month.


Ph 7.2
DGH 12 Degrees
Nitrate 12.5 mg/l (Although it could be ten the test is a tetra test kit and they have 0,12.5,25,50,100 mg/l increments)
Phosphate 0.1ppm (I know this is too low, but I am unemployed right now and can't afford the Phosphate Suppliment, Yes it's that bad, I will remedy this very soon though.)

The PH, DGH, Nitrate are all tetra tests that were bought from the bargain bin from my lfs, Im not sure if they were so cheap because they are too old, which I suspect or if it is because they just didnt want to carry them anymore.

The phosphate test was bought at full cost new and is the red sea phosphate test I am unsure as to the expiration date on this as you cant read the imprint on the bottom.

Feeding Regime: Fish are fed every other day only what they can eat in two minutes. I alternate between flakes and frozen blood worms. I also toss in a couple shrimp pellets and algae wafers every other week.

Plants: Approximately 8 bunches of Corkscrew Val, 2 Bunches of Giant Sagitaria (I think) Two rocks covered in Anubia Nana. 2 Stems of Limnophila aromatica (btw anyone ever smell these things, they smell great!), a carpeting of glosso on the right and a small bunch in the left and scattered in the middle, and branching as we speak. 1 Nano Sword.

Fish: 2 Emporer Tetras (I know 2 is to few, but for now that is what I have in there, when I got them I bought 4, but two died.)

3 Lemon Tetras

1 Ember Tetra (again bought 4, but this little guy was the only one that made it out of the bunch despite trying to treat their illness.)

4 Ottos

1 Cory Sterbai

Anyway please advice, thanks!
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