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Ferts are not the issue.
CO2 is/was.

While you might have plenty according to a test now, did you test and did you pay attention to the tank like this poor to the algae bloom?

Once induced, the algae will often hang on aggressively, I might say literally, for dear life, and adult algae are much much tougher than spores......even if you correct the normal parameter issue that induces the spores.

So you have to be more aggressive to get rid of what is there or/and more patient.

Then keep up on things in the future.
Even if you reduce the photoperoid, you still have an insane amount of light.
Your Achillies heel is the DIY CO2.

Do more water changes for now, do the blackout + Excel for now and then do 2-3x a week water changes and cleaning/pruning.

It's not a hard alga to get rid of, but requires more work than some seem to think/want.

There is little trick to algae other than providing good consistent conditions for plants.

More light= more CO2 demand= less stability, harder to maintain and keep up on but faster growth.

You'd be much better of using 2x 39W T5's for this tank.
There is no plant you cannot grow using that and it's 3x less light.
Add Gas tanks for the CO2 rather than too much light.
$ much better spent.

Tom Barr

Tom Barr
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