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Rhizoclonium - how to deal with quickly

Alrighty, as most of you know I started my tank around a month ago, got my super light on boxing day, 2x96W... EI dosing, DIY CO2 etc etc... suffering from some Rhizoclonium algae over the past week and a half or less, tried a W/C, vac'd all algae off plants and rubbed it off, cleaned up filter media, even tried a light H2O2 dosing, worked somewhat, but not enough as it's come back...

also cut photoperiod down and lowered the light intensity by using just one bulb for the time being, used both today and no difference in growth

the algae isn't really a problem, but more of a distraction, water is still super clear, just have this junk sort of free floating from my stemmed plants

also, i've changed up my dosing to see if I can combat it, not working, nor is an increase in CO2 which I tried

any ideas?

or would a short bleach dip work on the plants?

my most affected plants are,

singapore/christmas moss
limnophila sessiflora
Ceratopteris thalictroides

other mentionables include,
bacopa moneri

all other plants have either negligable or no algae....what livestock will eat it?
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