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Originally Posted by magnum View Post

As for the potential danio fry, you'd be hard pressed to raise fry in the same tank as the parents especially in a tank that isn't very dense with plants. You're better served setting up a small breeder tank if you're really interested in fry.
That's what I figured. >.< Oh well. As of now, this is my only tank at this point. I figured they were doomed after I did a little reading.

I'll keep my eyes out for snails. There were plenty of ramshorn snails in the tanks that I got my plants from at the LFS. I guess I'm off to learn about them. I certainly am not opposed to a small population of snails in the tank.
As for the pH, it has dropped with the plants/driftwood. It has gone from 7.8-8 to 7.4. Our town has some pretty hard, basic water.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, everyone!
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