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grow lux bulbs are good, but i have had lots of success with "Ott-lite" they are really bright for t-8s, and have a really high PAR

90g planted tank & 55 g planted tank/sump, with opposing 12 hr photoperiods.

Filter: DIY rapid sand filter w/ 5 liters Eheim effisubstrat and 50 pounds of corse filter sand, 600 gph pump. dump returns.

Substrate: Gravel and laterite substrates, capped with Flourite and home depot sand.

Lighting: 6.7 watts/gallon on top
(2x175) of 10,000k MH, (2x128) ODNO GE P&A
3 watts/gal on bottom
(4x40) triton t-8 flourscent

Fertilization: Seachem liquid fertilization (iron and comprehensive), Tetra initial sticks

CO2: DIY 14 liter yeast (seven bottles connected to a gang valve)
400 gph reactor (gravel vacuum tube filled with bio-bale and a powerhead on top)
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