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the bulb that was talked about above is mainly for seeds and seedlings because it wont make things flower or grow fruit. you need different light for that, like high pressure sodium (which emits energy in a part of the spectrum that makes plants think it is time to grow fruit that is also really good for photosynthesis)

90g planted tank & 55 g planted tank/sump, with opposing 12 hr photoperiods.

Filter: DIY rapid sand filter w/ 5 liters Eheim effisubstrat and 50 pounds of corse filter sand, 600 gph pump. dump returns.

Substrate: Gravel and laterite substrates, capped with Flourite and home depot sand.

Lighting: 6.7 watts/gallon on top
(2x175) of 10,000k MH, (2x128) ODNO GE P&A
3 watts/gal on bottom
(4x40) triton t-8 flourscent

Fertilization: Seachem liquid fertilization (iron and comprehensive), Tetra initial sticks

CO2: DIY 14 liter yeast (seven bottles connected to a gang valve)
400 gph reactor (gravel vacuum tube filled with bio-bale and a powerhead on top)
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