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Originally Posted by jeffdenney View Post
Is this a new and improved diy par meter?? I own one of your older ones with the different filter housing. Does that read the same as this model??

Like filter wise is it the same and will it read the same spectrum? I never saw any graphs with the older model.
As I said, my goal is to find a less expensive way to make a usable PAR meter. That starts with using one of the LX1010B lux meters, but with the fewest added parts, and least labor, to keep the costs down. One approach is to use the photodiode that is standard with the lux meter - that is the cheapest approach. But, that gives you a meter that basically measures the intensity of the green light in the spectrum, which can give you an accurate PAR reading as long as you don't try to use it to compare different types of lighting - it requires that each light you use it with have about the same percent of its spectrum in the green area, so measuring just the green light gives a reading proportional to the PAR for that light.

The other approach is to replace the luxmeter photodiode with the one I used on my other PAR meters, which measures a much, much larger part of the spectrum. That approach makes the meter work accurately for a lot more lighting types, and should be essentially as accurate as the other PAR meters I made, but it also costs more to make.

I'm still thinking about whether I want to make these to sell, and if I do, which version I would want to make.

And, I still haven't gone back to the problem of making the sensor waterproof, without spending much money.

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