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Ever use Pink bulbs ?

I have 5-6 new Rotala Magenta plants which are growing weird.
They were very uniformed in diameter from the grower. Then you can see a part of them where they were in the shop's tank.
That part is about 3/4 inch tall and is 20-25% the size of the bottom part in diameter. Then comes the part from the first three weeks of growth in my tank which is about 1.5"tall and it grew back to the original diameter.
If this were it I'd not be writing this question. For the last two weeks the plant has slowed down a lot in growth and the diameter has gotten smaller but not that much. Two weeks ago there was a fert change.
Before it had 1ml Excel per day/ 5ml doses of Leaf Zone plus 5ml dose of Tetra Pride after the water change once a week.
Beginning almost exactly at the same two week mark it now gets: 1ml Excel daily/ 1ml Flourish Comprehensive(which
I am going to use as a low level substitute for Micro) and 1/4 teaspoon of Potassium Nitrate and 1/32nd teaspoon of
Potassium Phosphate, my start on the Macro, all once a week. In other words I went from almost nothing but iron to
a scaled down version of Macro/Micro on a once a week dose after each water change. And the plants virtually stopped
growing but not entirely. This is a ten G tank/w 2 T5 bulbs. But...and this is the main reason for the question.
I went from a very good Flora 6700K bulb and a 650nm "Roseated" the same good Flora bulb plus a 6500K
daylight bulb. Supposedly more light, but without the 650nm red plant spectrum part.
Do any of you have experience with the pink(red/Roseated) bulbs working better than the 6500K ones on plants ?
I don't know if it's a reaction to changing the ferts or that the red bulb is actually better and I need to put it back.
I did omit the Tetra Pride from the second fert formula.
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