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Local and International market oportunities

Hello to everyone,

many of us if not all in this forum have a passion for the hobby and the few lucky ones can make a living out of it or at least be able to make some money. What I'm looking for is opportunities to be able to do that locally or internationally. Here are my thoughts:

1. Since I live in a sunny country, a good opportunity is to try and cultivate aquatic plants. First the ones that can be emersed which is easier and then move on to submersed ones. Is there an international market for something like this? Because locally I am sure I would have a difficult time selling such plants unless they were the ones that pet stores sell in which case I would provide the pet stores with the plants.

2. An on-line store that sells aquarium equipment locally. A research needs to be conducted if there will be any profit but more or less in a world of cyber sales it is a low risk move. Will a local (in my country) on-line aquatic store work and what are the challenges to be faced?

3. An international on-line store that will sell specific aquarium stuff e.g EI salts (which I know something like that already exists) or something else specific.

4. An international or local on-line shop that sells small creations that have aquatic/terestrial plants with a bit of aquascaping "magic" in them e.g. vases, small ornaments

What are your thoughts/suggestions?

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