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Alright, it is time for an update as I recieved some new plants. I could really use some aquascaping advice now as things are starting to settle down. I still have my "Backup nutrient sucker" in the tank, I.E. Hornwort , since I'm just starting to win the Algae battle and don't want to risk removing it yet. I don't leave it floating due to the amount of flow in the tank.

The first picture is a Full Tank shot. You can see that I finished my "Ghetto Overflow Internal Canisters" by adding the Spraybars. I haven't fully decided how I'm going to set that up yet, but this is a good start IMO.

I'll start the plant naming from left to right:
Left Front: Pogostemon yatabeanus
Left Rear: Foxtail
Left Rear (in from foxtail): Bacopa
Left Center Rear: ??? I'm not sure what this is.
Left Center: Anubius that I am thinking would be better off in my low light shrimp tank (better algae eaters).
Left Center Front: Sword Plant (not sure what kind)
Center Front: Ranalisma rostrata
Center Middle: Hornwort
Center Back: Rotala Indica & Ludwigia Repens
Right Rear: Vals
Right Rear (far right): Cabomba
Right center: Lilly (walmart bulb)
Right Front: MoneyWort

I have Fissidens Fontanus attached to the driftwood on the right along with some Java Ferns and I have Java Moss and Java Ferns on the left driftwood.

So far my army of ottos (supposed to be 8 but so far have only been able to count 6) have been slowly cleaning off all the algae, since the growth of it has slowed to very, very slow.

The Cabomba is just booming, along with the moneywort. The foxtail isn't growing as fast as I had hoped, but hoping it starts coming along.

The lilly and sword are a point of contention because I don't know much about them and don't think they are placed right.

So, here are the rest of the picks:

Any and all advice is welcome. I have a 46 Gallon Lowlight and 2 x 10 Gallon lowlights I can move plants to.


125 Gallon AGA w/ Overflows
Filtration: Ehiem 2026 Filter, Dual "Ghetto" Overflow Internal Filters
Lighting: 1x96W Current USA CF - 2x96W Generic CF
Co2: Pressurized Co2 - Rex Grigg Regulator, SMS 122, and Rex Grigg Reactor.
Plants: Pogostemon yatabeanus, Foxtail, Bacopa, Egeria najas, Anubius, E. 'Ozelot Red', Ranalisma rostrata, Hornwort, Rotala Indica, Ludwigia Repens, Vals, Cabomba, Lilly, MoneyWort
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