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Buy Eco-Complete for the substrate. The other popular option is Aquasoil (ADA). Do a search for "eco vs Ada or Eco vs aquasoil" and read up.

Check out thead on starting a tank w/ no water here on this main general discussions page if you aren't in a rush.

Otherwise, buy a LOT LOT LOT of plants INCLUDING STEM PLANTS when you first start the tank (don't think 3-4 plants is "HEAVY" planted!) to try to fight off the inevitable algae problems that accompany a new tank during the first few months. Keep your CO2 steady. Buy some DRY FERTS from Rex. Do EI (estimative index, do a search, means weekly water changes, no testing, dry ferts and micro ferts 3x/weekly each, its the simplest method to do high-tech tanks).

And yah, using ALL of that lighting will just encourage algae in the first few months when your plants aren't ready to out-compete the algae for the nutrients. Remember, high-lighting leaves less room for mistakes in BALANCING plant load=fish load=nutrients/fertilizers=CO2=Lights. Growing a healthy plant tank is getting those 5 items to "balance" with each other...higher light makes the equation harder to balance...losing the balance, means algae. Sure, some folks can do high-light w/ no algae, some folks can eat entire planes and cars too, but lower light is easier to manage.

NOTE: To do a *SEARCH* and get the answer you want, its often best to go to "Advanced Search" and search in the title only.
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