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Originally Posted by evil_monkey View Post
hi, I did kind of start a planted tank about a year or so ago and it was hijacked by an impulse buy (juvie long fin oscar needed to grow out before going to the monster tank)

now I am planning on starting fresh and I am looking for advice.

I am going to tear down my reef tank, water changes and what not have become a pain, and a crash causing me to loose 80% of my sps (hard corals).

so I have a 46 gallon tank, with 175watt metal halide and 2x 39watt t5 lighting. the bulbs are 14,000k and 10,000k.

the filtration is a sump that will have its wet/dry componets put back into play.

I also have a Red Sea CO2 kit.

now what should I do for on the filter, substrate, how limited on plants with the lighting.

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175W + 2x39W will be too much light on a 46 gallon tank. Well, at first. It's "manageable" but I wouldn't recommend it. Try running just the 2x39W now and that should be enough light for you to start out with. If you really want to run the whole shebang, I'd run 2x39W for most of the day with a burst period of 2-3 hours with the 175W MH running too. Is the MH DE or SE? Most likely SE. You can find any 175W 6500K-10KK bulb to run for this purpose. You should switch out all the 14K bulbs to at most 10K which is more suited for plant growth.

With regards to the sump setup, you'll need to minimize surface agitation caused my water movement to prevent outgassing of the dissolved CO2. That, or just increase the injection rate.

For CO2 injection, you can either go with a diffuser or a reactor. Personally, I like the look of a diffuser and the bubbles coming up from it, but I also like the efficiency of a reactor, so I have both. =p It'll be up to you though. You have the CO2 cylinder + regulator already. Now all you'll need is either a diffuser or a reactor.

Originally Posted by evil_monkey View Post
the lighting

the reef when it was still healthy

Good looking reef.
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