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Hmm, good advice/input so far!

A few thoughts:

1. I guess I assumed, and let me struggle w/ my english here, that adding the booster pump would "move" the water thru the line better, and that the water would be "in motion" already when it was hitting/or/leaving the existing cannister pump. And that since the cannister pump was SUPPOSED to be ALREADY operating at 296gph, and it couldn't muster more than 100(?)gph w/ the limits on it now, that boostering up 150gph wouldn't really push the cannister pump faster than it was designed to be going anyways. But, I'm not engineer...

2. Well, why worry about ruining the cannister pump if my other option is to just get a better pump in there anyways and unplug the cannister? (I'm seeing the point of sumps more and more...)

3. I guess I'll have to consider adding another stronger pump and unplugging the cannister, but it looks like then I'm looking at $150(??) for a decent pump, does anyone know of any good ones that are "adjustable" that seems easier than figuring out the specs I it true the inline pumps add "heat" to the water, making the summer months difficult to deal with?

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