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you do not have to dechorinate water before putting it in the tank. If you put your water in straight from the tap all you do is add enough dechorinator to treat the whole tank (55 gallons in your case.)

As for killing your bb yeah it will take a little more effort than that. BB has to be exposed to an extreme amount of chorine in order to die off that fast. Or be exposed to tap water for hours. Or drying out the media and/or substrate usually kills it off nice.

You actually can rinse biomedia off in tap water without doing any harm. Hot tap water will kill it. Not a big deal.

That being said I prefer to clean biomedia in tank water, I rinse it in tank water once every other week. I clean it off in a bucket of freshly dechlor water once a year. Why risk it if you dont have to. Dechlor is dirt cheap. I go through a gallon a year on my 55 and I double dose it (high chloramines in my area).

Point being you didnt kill any BB unless you left the tank with the chorinated water in it for hours.

If you prefer there is nothing wrong with adding the water straight from the tap to the aquarium then treating the entire volume of water.
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