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Cycling Log: 10/13-15

So the "55" has be eating up ammonia like crazy, today it was at 0! but nitrite hasn't budged yet. I broke more of my API test tubes so I only have 4 left, enough to do an ammonia and nitrite test on both the "55" and Evolve (see signature for journal). I should be getting new tubes tomorrow hopefully and can keep track of nitrates again.
I don't think the plant mass in the "55" is eating up all the ammonia, could it? I have probably less than 30% plant mass in there... I wouldn't think it could munch that much ammonia in one day especially since over half of it is slow growers (java fern, anubias nana, and marimo moss)?

Anyways I am trying to prep some lava rock in my cycled tank to place into the two unfinished tanks soon. I bought some nylon stockings yesterday to place the lava rock in, turns out they're so tightly stitched together it locks air in.. it tried to float.. with rocks in it.. haha had to cut a small hole in each to push out air/let water in. I'm hoping once I add them to the cycling tanks that it will kick start the nitrite eating bacteria.

As a final note for the "55" today, I noticed some odd white film over the past few days in there, as first I thought it was from the nearly dead java fern I had in there, but I noticed the locally collected wood was covered in some nasty film today ew!! Removed the healthy java ferns from it and put them on some left over tubing from the canister filter that was cut. I scrubbed the wood under hot water and am going to try boiling the wood this evening after dinner to see if that gets rid of the film problem.

Click image for larger version

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As you can see from the photos, not too nice to look at...hopefully it doesn't have any adverse effect on the BB or java

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