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Cycling log: (10/10-12)

Cycling log: (10/10)
Ammonia: 1
Nitrite: 2-5
Nitrate: 40-80
Added 3.27 ml ammonia to bring ti back up to 3ppm

Cycling log: (10/11)
Ammonia: 2-4
Nitrite: 2-5
Nitrate: 40-80
No ammonia added. Bought a bunch (about 6 stems) of anacharis from Petco and letting it float in the "55" for now. Found 2 snails on that anacharis so far, one went into the cycled tank with gourami (suspect he'll eat it), the otehr is in the Evolve 4.
Also bought a Evolve 4 from Petsmart on clearance ($30) and will start a journal for that soon.

Cycling log: (10/12)
Ammonia: 0.5 (its eating it quicker now)
Nitrite: 2-5
Nitrate: 40-80
Added 4.1 ml ammonia to bring it back up to 3 ppm.
Removed tiny air-stone to use in Evolve cycling since "55" water level is low enough from the filter output that its getting decent aeration from the spray bar.

One of the anubias nana looks like it has some bubbles under a leaf that is exposed to the most light (its the plant that has flowers when it came).

Questions for today:
Whats up with the weird translucent shedding skin look on the rhizome? The rhizome has never been planted so it shouldn't be rot.

Click image for larger version

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