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[cue mad scientist scene] *ahem*
I love you beneficial bacteria!!! Apparently my original seed material didn't loose the bb on it like I thought, behold! NITRITES!
Ammonia: 1-2
Nitrties: 0.25-0.5
Nitrates: 40-80

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Added 1.63 ml ammonia to bring levels in the tank up to around 2-3 ppm.

An a random note: I don't know if my reference color chart ran low on ink.. or does API test kits suck for making same colros cover a wide range of ppm? I mean look at that photo, 10-20 is same color for nitrates, so is 40-80, and 2-5 for nitrites too.
Updated previous post with photo of 2nd days test tube results in cycling log section.

Questions for today:
Any suggestions for low to medium light floating plants that (large breed) plecos aren't prone to eat? I have no clue how plecos are with frogbit, water lettuce, and simular type floaters.

Originally Posted by zetvi View Post
I got my black cover background from petdepot, petco also has them. Its one side blue and one side dark. 2.99 a feet i think. Also, that led light doesnt seem to be for plants. If i were you, i would return those and get a finnex ray 2 instead. Check out my journal if ya want.

Thanks for the tip on the background. As for lighting, I based my choice on these threads:
Lighting an Aquarium with PAR instead of Watts
LED Lighting Compendium
Currently Plants are at the bottom, 20 inches from light at deepest point -putting it in the "low light" spectrum from the charts and data-which works fine for the plants I intend to keep in there. The anacharis has already shown new growth, the hornowrt keeps getting stick behind the filter spray bar (will have to tie it off closer to the light) so not a lot of noticeable growth there. I don't expect to miraculously see new growth on the anubias or java in the less than week that it has been in there, but none of it is dieing (not counting the already half dead java from my pleco making a salad of it).

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