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Hi, I used to have a 29 gallon tank that was moderately planted with DIY CO2 setup. I would judge it as fairly successfull, but it could have been better if I learned to manage dosing supplements better. I broke the tank down when I moved 8 months ago and ended up setting it up as a saltwater tank for seahorses.
But I am getting the itch to do another planted tank using some equipment that I have lying around. I have an Aquaclear 300, a hellolights 55 wt PC retrofit kit and a 5 gallon bucket of Flourite that I saved when I took the other tank down. I would like to use the equipment I have and am trying to decide what size tank to get.

With the lighting I have I was thinking of getting either a 25 gallon AGA or a perfecto 28 gallon bowfront. I am thinking that my lighting would be considered moderate for tanks this size. What do you think?
I am planning on a low maintenance tank with java fern, crypts, anubias, and hornwort as a fast grower. Considering my plant choices and since I will be using a hang on back filter that is agitating the water surface, I don't know if it would be helpful to do the DIY CO2 again. Or do you think I have too much light not to dose CO2? What do you think? Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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