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Originally Posted by Rain_frog View Post
Well, I have a "low tech" planted tank. So far, my onion plant, aponogeton sp., and tiger lotus are doing well. I do not know the original pH value, but today I tested the water. I recently added some anacharis and hornwort last week and it is growing rampantly under a 96 watt quad (for a 29 gallon).

And, woah! the pH read 8.2 My kH is 5 or so.

This is too high for my tastes. I am aware of biogenic decalcification...but I'm very surprised the plants would jack it up that high. Do I necessarily need to add CO2 to my tank to lower the pH?

The water lily is planted in coco peat and there is wood which I would think would lower it.
Biogenic decalcification involves plants eating up carbonates, which should cause your pH to drop, and not rise to 8.2 no?
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