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Questions about dosing Watson fertz

i know there are dosing recommendations but I don't have time to read through them all (will later) and want to give people time to respond before I make my order.

Anyways, I use RO water (0 everything), tell me if this is what I should do.

Buy GH booster and CSM+B and just dose with these? Will that do?

I use flourite bedding and never have trouble with nitrates (high bioload). Pressurized CO2, high lighting, heavily planted tank.

I had to go RO because of high copper and lead in my water, not to mention traces of other nasty items.. My plants are growing but the leaves are a bit on the thing side, with some insane algae growth, i'm positive it's lack of hard minerals in the water.

I dose with liquid potassium (flourish and I'm almost out) but it's not enough.

Anyways, I want to ask the main question again to make myself clear.

Is it smart to just buy GH booster (magnesium, calcium and potassium sulfate) and CSM+B (the traces) and dose with that? I'll try to find dosing recommendations on the forums later, I felt this was a question that was pretty specific to me but I'll admit I didn't search any (in a hurry to leave for the evening and I'd like to order it first thing tomorrow morning). It just sounds like the perfect premix for an aquarium with RO water.

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